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4th Grade Geography

National Geography Bee

The Klamath Mountains stretch south from Oregon into which other state - Montana or California California
The barrier islands of the Outer Banks lie off the coast of which Atlantic state - Maine or North Carolina North Carolina
The Pecos River drains into the Rio Grande from which state - Nevada or Texas Texas
Which state borders Connecticut - Vermont or New York? New York
Which state is farther north - Maryland or Montana? Montana
Which state covers a larger area - Arkansas or New Mexico? New Mexico
Which state borders Missouri - Indiana or Kansas? Kansas
Which state is more arid - Alabama or Utah? Utah
Which state borders the Delaware River - Ohio or Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania
In which state would you find more needleleaf forests - Idaho or Kansas? Idaho
Which state has more people per square mile - Connecticut or North Dakota? Connecticut
Which state as a more humid climate - Nevada or Mississippi? Mississippi
Which state is closer to Lake Erie - Iowa or West Virginia? West Virginia
Which state has a higher percentage of farmland - Nebraska or Connecticut? Nebraska
Which state is closer to the Atlantic Ocean - Alabama or Minnesota? Alabama
Which state produces more cotton - Texas or Colorado? Texas
Which state is closer to Mexico - Nevada or Tennessee? Nevada
Which state has more square miles of Native American reservations - Arizona or Louisiana? Arizona
Which state has a longer coastline - Rhode Island or Oregon? Oregon
Which state borders more states - California or Virginia? Virginia
Which state has a higher average annual rainfall - Idaho or Louisiana? Louisiana
Which state has a larger population - Alaska or New Jersey? New Jersey
Which state is more mountainous - Colorado or Oklahoma? Colorado
Which state is farther east - Wisconsin or Vermont? Vermont
Which state is closer to the Missouri River - Texas or Oklahoma? Oklahoma
Which state has more lakes - Nebraska or Minnesota? Minnesota
Which state is farther south - Virginia or Arkansas? Arkansas
Which state experiences more earthquakes - California or Michigan? California
Which state produces more wheat? - Maryland or South Dakota South Dakota
Which state produces more cranberries - Wisconsin or Utah? Wisconsin
Which state experiences more hurricanes - North Carolina or New Mexico? North Carolina
Which state has more geothermal activity - Wyoming or Illinois? Wyoming
Which state is closer to the Arctic Circle - Hawaii or New Hampshire? New Hampshire
Which state has a panhandle - Maryland or Arizona? Maryland
Which state covers a smaller area - Delaware or Mississippi? Delaware
Which state borders fewer other state - Maine or Missouri? Maine
Which state experiences a tropical wet climate - Hawaii or New Jersey Hawaii
Which state is located west of the Mississippi River - Georgia or Oklahoma? Oklahoma
Which state has a longer border with Canada - Vermont or Minnesota? Minnesota
The cit of Bangor lies north of Penobsot Bay in which state - South Carolina or Maine? Maine
The bighorn Mountains straddle the border between Montana and which other state - Wyoming or Minnesota? Wyoming
Which state is located in New England - Rhode Island or Virginia? Rhode Island
The Susquehanna River flows through which state on its way to Chesapeake Bay - Connecticut or Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania
Which state borders Lake Huron - New Hampshire or Michigan Michigan
Lake Havasu is located on the border between California and which other state - Colorado or Arizona? Arizona
Which state has a humid subtropical climate - South Carolina or South Dakota South Carolina
The Ozark Plateau covers the southwest corner of which state - Missouri or Wisconsin? Missouri
Which state is the country's largest in terms of area - Texas or Alaska? Alaska
The North Platte and South Platte Rivers meet in which state - New Mexico or Nebraska? Nebraska
The city of Cincinnati is located in Ohio on the border with which other state - Virginia or Kentucky? Kentucky
The Appalachia Mountains run through with state - Tennessee or Mississippi? Tennessee
The city of Green Bay lies near the Door Peninsula in which state - Iowa or Wisconsin? Wisconsin
Plymouth, site of one of the first successful English settlements in America, is located in which state - Massachusetts or New Jersy? Massachusetts
Which state borders the Gulf of Mexico - South Carolina or Louisiana? Louisiana
The city of Topeka lies north of the Flint Hills in which state? - Kansas or Iowa? Kansas
Lake Seminole is shared by florida and which other state - Georgia or Tennessee? Georgia
Which state has a shoreline on Lake Erie - New Hampshire or Ohio? Ohio
Lake Tahoe lies on the border between California and which other state - Nevada or Washington? Nevada
Which state is in the Corn Belt - Indiana or West Virginia? Indiana
Key West is a resrt city on an island chain that is part of whih state - alabama or Florida? Florida
The city of St. Louis lies on the Mississippi River near the border between Missouri and which other state Illinois or Minnesota? Illinois
Mount Rushmore is located near Rapid city in which state - Idaho or South Dakota? South Dakota?
Bryce Canyon National Park lies in the Colorado Plateau region of which state - Utah or Oregon? Utah
Rome and Utica are cities along the Erie Canal in which state - Illinois or New York? New York?
Which state lies directly south of Missouri - Arkansas or New Mexico? Arkansas
Grand Coulee Dam lies on the Columbia River in which state - Wyoming or Washington Washington
Which state is part of the Great Plains - Utah or North Dakota? North Dakota
Land in which state was part of the Louisiana Purchase - Delaware or Iowa? Iowa
The city of Mobile lies on the Gulf Coast of which state - Alabama or Texas? Alabama
Part of the Mojave Desert lies in which state - Montana or Nevada? Nevada
Part of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be found in which state - New Mexico or North Carolina? North Carolina
The St. Croix River forms part of the border between Minnesota and which other state - Wisconsin or Nebraska? Wisconsin
Mesas and buttes can be seen in Canyonlands National Park in which state - Utah or New York Utah
Pemaquid Point and Cape Elizabeth are part of the rocky coastline of which state - Maine or Alabama? Maine
The cumberland Plateau is part of the Appalachian region of whih state Illinois or Kentucky? Kentucky
A large bay extends into which state - New hampshire or Rhode Island? Rhode Island
The Snake River and the Sawtooth Range are located in which state - Ohio or Idaho? Idaho
Barrier islands, such as Padre Island, lie parallel to the coastline of which state - Texas or Oregon Texas
Which state has a broad coastal plain - California or Alabama? Alabama
Which state would be ore likely to experience a blizzard - Connecticut or Mississippi? Connecticut
The saguaro cactus is native to which state - Arizona or Arkansas? Arizona
During the last ice age, continental glaciers deposited large amounts or material in which state - Texas or Indiana? Indiana
The yellowstone River originates in which state - Wyoming or Kansas? Wyoming
A mountain range creates a rain shadow in the eastern part of which state - Wisconsin or Oregon? Oregon
Which state has oxbow lakes that were once part of the channel of the Mississippi River - Arkansas or Michigan? Arkansas
Which state has areas that are prone to avalanches - Colorado or North Carolina? Colorado
Coral reefs are found off the coast of which state - Hawaii or Connecticut? Hawaii
Extensive grasslands are the natural vegetation in which state - Kansas or Utah? Kansas
Which state includes part of the Sierra Nevada range - Massachusetts or California? California
Lake-effect snows are more likely to occure in which state - Oklahoma or New York? New York
Which state has a lower average elevation - Wyoming or Delaware? Delaware
Which state includes a large river delta - Kentucky or Louisiana? Louisiana
A region or rolling hills called the Piedmont lies in which state - Rhode Island or Virginia? Virginia
Little Missouri National Grasslands is a protected area in the western part of which state - Idaho or North Dakota? North Dakota
Continental glaciers created most of the lakes in which state - Minnesota or maryland? Minnesota
Fertile soils suitable for agricultural production cover much of which state - Nevada or Iowa? Iowa
The New River Gorge National River is located in the Allegheny Mountains in which state - Florida or West Virginia? West Virginia
Mount Rainier National Park is located in the Cascade Range in which state - Iowa or Washington? Washington
Cape may is a vacation destination on the Atlantic Ocean in which state - Pennsylvania or New Jersey? New Jersey
Lewis and Clark National Forest is located near the Missouri River in which state - Maine or Montana? Montana
Broadleaf deciduous forest is the predominant natural vegetation of which state - Arizona or Ohio? Ohio
Lake Champlain straddles the border between New York and which other state - Virginia or Vermont? Vermont
The Red River forms part of the southern boundary of which state - Oklahoma or Tennessee? Oklahoma
Swampland covers much of the coastal area of which state - Washington or South Carolina? South Carolina
The Rio de la Plata and Parana Rivers drain large parts of which continent? South America
The Perth Basin and the Coral Sea Basin are underwater valleys off the coast of which continent? Australia
Mount Vesuviou and Mont Blanc are located on which continent? Europe
Inuit and Algonquians are native people on which continent? North America
The Great Artesian Basin provides groundwater for Queensland on which continent? Australia
Which continent lies almost entirely south of 70 degrees south latitude? Antarctica
The Cape of Good Hope is located near the southern tip of which continent? Africa
Buddhism originated on which continent? Asia
Lake Maracaibo is located in the northern part of which continent? South America
Hutus and Tutsis are two of the ethnic groups native to which continent? Africa
Baffin Bay and the Beaufort Sea lie to the north of which continent? North America
The Jutland and Iberian Peninsulas form part of which continent? Europe
Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang are regions of which continent? Asia
The Nasca Plate lies off the coast of which continent? South America
Which continent includes the world's two most populous countries? Asia
The Equator passes through the Congo Basin on which continent? Africa
Adelaide and Brisbane are major cities located on which continent? Australia
The ancient ruins of Machu Picchu are located on which continent? South America
Conquistadors conquered the Aztecs on which continent? North America
The Baltic and Adriatic Seas are both found off the coast of which continent? Europe
Urdu and Uighur are languages from which continent? Asia
Lake Nasser is formed by the Aswan High Dam on which continent? Africa
Guarani and Aymara are languages native to which continent? South America
Kinshasa and Niamey are major cities on which continent? Africa
The Lesser Antilles are a chain of tropical islands that lie off the northern coast of which continent? South America
The sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre Occidental are two mountain ranges on which continent? North America
Cushitic and Saharan are language groups on which continent? Africa
Which continent lies entirely north of the Tropic of Cancer? Europe
Bangalore and Hyderabad are rapidly growing cities on which continent? Asia
Fisheries are located on Lake Rukwa and Lake Tanganyika on which continent? Africa
The world's longest coral reef is located in the Pacific Ocean off the northeastern coast of which continent? Australia
The Drake Passage lies south of which continent? South America
The Plateau of Tibet is located on which continent? Asia
The Gulf Stream is an ocean current that flows along the eastern coast of which continent? North America
The Great Dividing Range lies in the eastern part of which continent? Australia
Which state produces more coal - Washington or Kentucky Kentucky
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