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Toss-up Question #1

Questions from no single category combined into one stack.

Name the leaders of the major powers in WW2 (Italy, Germany, Britain, Japan, US, Soviet Union). Benito Mussolini, Adolf HItler, Winston Churchill, Hirohito, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, respectively.
What Biology term applies to the property of water that allows it to stick to other water molecules? Cohesion
What process do ribosomes deal with in cell activity? Protein synthesis
What is the term to expain when two protists come together to share genetic information? Conjugation
What organic molecule composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen serves as an energy source and structural material for cells of all organisms? Carbohydrate
What term describes a series of stacked thylakoid disks containing chlorophyll; found in the inner membrane of chloroplasts? Grana
What is a rigid external shell made of chitin? Exoskeleton
These are nonmobile, heterotrophic, mostly multicellular eukaryotes, including yeasts and ... (if more help is in need)...mushrooms. Fungi
These are chemical reactions that require energy input to begin. Endergonic reactions
This is a red pigment in red blood cells that can bind with oxygen and is largely responsible for the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity. It is composed of four polypeptide chains, two alpha and two beta chains. Hemoglobin
This is a word describing a solution having a low concentration of solute. Hypotonic
What is the capital of Poland? Warsaw
What is the capital of Hungary? Budapest
What is the capital of Ukraine? Kiev
What is sin(0)? 0
What is sin(90)? 1
What is sin(135)? √2/2
What is cos(0)? 1
What is cos(45)? √2/2
What is cos(120)? -1/2
What is tan(30)? √3/3
What is tan(360)? 0
What is tan(225)? 1
What is csc(0)? undefined
On what date (m-d-y) did WW2 begin and what action started it? September 1, 1939 Germany invades Poland
At what city did 400,000 British and French troops escape when under threat of German invasion, leaving all of their equipment behind? Dunkirk
Who led the Free French movement? Charles DeGaulle
What are Roosevelt's 4 freedoms? Freedom of Speech and Expression, religion, want and fear.
What was Operation Barbarosa, what year did it begin, and what three factors led to its failure? The attack of Axis power on the Soviet Union during WW2 in 1941. The operation failed becuase of outstretched supply line, ill-preparedness for winter weather and Soviet counterattack.
What was Operation Overlord, on what date did it begin, and was it successful? It was an operation led by ally forces during WW2 to retake France from Germany on June 6, 1944. It was successful by the end of the year.
What was the Iron Curtain, who proclaimed its existence and where? A serparation between East and West Europe. Proclaimed by Winston Churchill in Missouri.
What was the truman Doctrine in relation to the Cold War? The use of military power to contain communism.
What country set up the Berlin Blockade during the Cold War and how was it overcome? The USSR set up the blockade but it was overcome by the Berlin Airlift.
What was the Marshall Plan during the Cold War? A plan to provide money and resources to help Europe.
What are the names of 3 US generals during the cold war and which one was fired for suggesting to invade china? Eisenhower, Patton and MacArthur (fired).
What new bomb was invented during the Cold War? The Hydrogen Bomb
What is Brickmanship? Using war as a threat
What country that start with and H and ends in -ungry asked the US to come to their aid during the Cold War, did the US help, and why or why not? Hungary asked for the help of the US when war was threatened by the USSR and the US did not give them that help because they did not want to start a was with the USSR over such a small country.
Who won the space race and with what craft? The USSRwith the satellite Sputnik.
Created by: Aprendo