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L. 21 Reading,Voc

Calvert School,Lesson 21,Reading - Vocabulary,Found in Teacher's Manual

Remanded to send, call, or order back
Indulgent to give into
Ravages to lay waste to by plundering
Barricade to block off
Incursions a hostile entrance into a territory
Free boating pirating
Bittern to have cut, pierce, seize with the teeth
Dissipated to break up and drive away
Reproach expression of rebuke
Myriads 10,000
Unwieldy difficulty to handle because of large size
Embellishment to beautify with ornaments
Patronage to support provided by a patron
Sentinal person or animal that keeps watch for danger
Prodigious being an omen
Localities place and surroundings
Veranda open porch, usually roofed
Ludicrous arousing deversive laughter
Eclat dazzling or striking effect
Terrace open platform extending from a balcony
Incursion a hostile entrance
Imperceptible extremly slight, gradual, or subtle
Retrospect a review of or meditation of past events
Dispelled to drive away as if scattering
Pious showing loyal reverence to something
Monarch a person that regains
Plumage the feathers of a bird
Ford a shallow part of a body of water
Fleet to fade away
Droll having a humorous quality
Shrewd mischievous
Reproof rebuke
Created by: dragondude