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Integrated 4 Hobbies


觉得 jue2de to feel, to think
有意思 you3yi4si interesting
意思 yi4si meaning
zhi3 only
睡觉 shui4jiao4 to sleep (verb object)
shui4 to sleep (verb)
jiao4 sleep
算了 suan4le forget it; never mind
zhao3 to look for
别人 bie3ren2 other person; another person
别(的) bie3(de) other
xiao3 small; little
好久 hao3jiu4 a long time
hao3 very
jiu4 long (of time)
不错 bu4cuo4 pretty good
cuo4 wrong
画画儿 hua4hua4r painting
下棋 xia4qi2 chess
上网聊天儿 shang4wang3liao2tian1r chatting online
玩游戏机 wan2you2xi4li1 computer game
逛街 guang4jie3 shopping
主词 zhu3ci2 subject
受词 shou4ci2 object
动词 yun4ci2 verb
名词 ming2ci2 noun
逗点 dou4dian3 comma
句点 ju4dian3 period
xiang3 to want to, would like to, to think
Created by: chineseclass101