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Country Music Part3

Music History

movie that popularized neocountry urban cowboy
father of truck driving country dave dudley
he led the neotraditionalist movement randy travis
he helped make country a worldwide phenomenon & broke records for sales & concert attendance garth brooks
one of the Southern rock groups closely associated with modern country lynyrd skynyrd
one of the 3 things that truck driving fuses together honky tonk
two things truck driving country often deal with trucks and love
Dixie Chicks' debut album wide open spaces
what Chet Atkins blamed for "the music has gotten pretty bad" line dancing
one infrequent,but consistent theme in modern country music proud,stubborn individualism
multiple Grammy winner who got her start on American Idol Carrie Underwood
Has sold over 22 million albums & hit song "Love Story" Taylor Swift
Group who has won 5 Grammys in 2010 including Record of the Year Lady Antebellum
sales in record stores reached this amount in 1981 $250 million
in the 1990s,country music's popularity was aided by the growth of this FM radio
what did new country absorb rock influence from electric musicians that didn't fit in elsewhere
Created by: kaylaavery
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