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ch24 vocab


state a political unit that controls a particular territory
nomad a person who wanders from place to place
desert a geographic region with too little rainfall to support much plant life
oil reserves oil that has been discovered but remains unused in the ground
crust the hard outer layer of the earth
region an area defined by one or more natural or cultural characteristics that set it apart from other areas
developed country a wealthy country with an advanced economy
nonrenewable resource a resource that can't be used up or that ca be replaced as quickly as it is used up
geothermal energy heat from the center of the earth
impermeable rock rock that does not allow liquid or gas to flow through it
tectonic plates a large piece of earth's crust that floats on the liquid mantle
distribution the way things or people are spread out over an area or space
life expectancy the average age that a person in a given population can expect to live
gross domestic product the total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year
per capita by or for each person
infant mortality rate the number of infants out of every 1000 babies born in a particular year who die before the age of 1
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