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Theater 1 production

theater 1 first symester production terms...this stuff is effing easy

audition a tryout for a position in a play
closed audition a tryout for only professional union actors, or, in high school, for only certan students
prepared audition a tryout using rehearsed, memorized material
improvisational audition a tryout in which scenes must be ad-libbed around an assigned character and situation
cold reading audtition a tryout in which unfamiliar material is read
callback a second round audition; only those who are considered for parts are present
casting choosing of the actors for a play by the director
curtain call the appearance of a play's entire cast onstage in response to applause from the audience
director the person in charge of all aspects of production
floor plan/groundplan on overhead diagram of the stage that helps the director plan onstage actions and movements
house manager the person responsible for considering the needs of the audience
information found in prompt book color coded sound and light cues
"line" the word the actor calls to the prompter when dialogue is forgotten used only during rehearsal
off book theatre jargon for rehearsing without scripts
producer the person who finds investors, hires the director, and helps establish a budget for a production
program a pamphlet that contains the names of cast and crew members
prompt book contains the playscript marked with cues and blocking notes
prompter the person who feeds lines to the actors
prop crew responisble for all hand properties that are used in the play; these items must be made or found by the members of the crew
prop crew head the person in charge of acquiring funiture and props
prop table the place where items actors carry onstage are kept
publicity manager the person who promotes the production
reading rehearsal the first rehearsal; sets the tone for the production
blocking rehearsal the rehearsal in which movements/stage business is set
working rehearsal the rehearsal in which words and action are combinned
polishing rehearsal the rehearsal in which all parts of the play are brought together so that flaws can be worked out
tech rehearsal the rehearsal in which lighting, scenery, and props are used to ensure that everything goes smoothly
dress rehearsal the final uninterrupted rehearsal performed with costumes and props
scenic designer the person who works the sets and lighting to create the overall atmosphere of a play
stage hand/running crew a person who moves scenery
technical director the person who executes the design of the scenic designer; responsible for building sets, painting drops, creating costumes, and hanging lights
warn cue found in the promptbook, this advises of an upcoming entrance, sound effect, or lighting change
light crew this crew is responsible for the lighting of the plays. This includes focusing lights and learning to run the light board
sound crew this crew is responsible for all sound effects. one responsibility is making the sound effects CD
costume crew this crew is responsible for finding or making costumes for cast members, costumes must also be organized for the run of the show. Sewing is a good skill to have but not a necessity
set construction responsible for the actual building of the set or scenery for the play. Power tools, hammers, saws and other building tools are used by this crew
set dressing this crew is responsible for the decoration of the set. painting, decorating, or finding any furniture, pictures, etc. needed for the final touches are done by this crew
publicity crew responsible for all advertising and promotion for the play. this includes design work for posters, publicity letters, banners, and announcements
house crew this crew is responsible for the running of the auditorium where the audience sits, ushers, concessions and lobby displays. They also handle ticket sales
make up crew responsible for the desgin of make up and hairstyles for the actors. during dress rehearsals and the run of the show members of this crew will apply or assist in the application of make up
assistant directors work closely with the director of the show. responsible for doing whatever the director needs to be done. includes running and organiazing auditions and assisting with rehearsals and preformances. must be available for all rehearsals and performances
stage manager one of the most important members of a company. responsible for everything that happens backstage during the run of the play
Created by: Kellameister623