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Dance terms #1!!!

Dance 1 final study guide terms for first symester

Jete leap, point, plie at end
Ball Change shifting of weight
Jazz Square 4 steps
Balance of movement tension of mutual support among all the body parts that brings the whole together
Energy of movement it CAN be applied or withdrawn
Passe connected to your knee
Spotting anything turning
Chaine 3-step-turn, series of turns (think chain -> chaine)
Plie bending at the knees
Chasse feet kiss, feet chasing
Cross ball-change cross in front, weight shift
Pas de bourre back-side-front
Pivot half-turn
Pirouette complete turn
Releve rising action to balls of feet
Bob Fosse Chicago, isolated hips, limp wrist, turned-in legs
Gus Giordano Christmas Carol
Jerome Robbins West Side Story
Stamina kicks walk kicks and jump kicks
start in semi-3rd
Fans rotation
Control Work placement, strength, height, technique
Star Kicks 4 kicks
Around the World 3 kicks
Straights on odds, prep w/ feet together, aim to nose
Walk Kicks step, kick, step, step, step, kick, step, step (etc)
Created by: Kellameister623