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l-spine test

Where does the central ray enter at for the AP projection of the lumbar sacral spine? L4
To reduce the lordatic curve of the lumbar spine you should do what? Flex the hips and the knees
L5-S1 where does the central ray enter? 1 1/2 inches below the crest and 2 inches posterior to the ASIS
The angle for L5-S1 if the spine can not be adjusted is how much? 5 degrees caudad for men and 8 degrees caudad for women
The scottie dog is displayed on what projection of the L-spine? Obliques
The CR angle for the AP axial lumbar sacral junction is? 30 to 35 degrees cephalad
The intervertebral foreman are best show on what projection of the L-Spine? lateral
What positions are used to demostrate the zygopophoseal joints of the lumber spine? Obliques
The CR angle for an axial lumbosacral junction? 1 1/2 inches superior to the pubis symphosis
To demonstarte the zygopophoseal joints of the lumbar spine the patient obliquity is? 45 degrees
The point of lamina thet lies between the superior and inferior articular process is called pars interarticularis
The projections of the lumbar spine to evaluate the mobility of the intervertebral disk spaces from side to side is called the? right and left bending
Which zygopophpseal joints of the lumbar spine is shown in the AP oblique projection? Closest to the IR
The projection of the lumbar spine to evaluate motion at the spinal fusion of localizing a hernitated disk is called? Flexion and extension
AEC on the L-spine wha happens if the lead shield is not used? underexposed
Alternating method for the position of the L5-S1 projection the CR is what? parallel with the illiac line
Lower curvature of the l-spine is called Scylosis
Created by: atesta0824