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SS. Mrs.fernandez8

congress debated and voted for this. Decleration of independence
The general committee of 99 established a new governing body for the colony, includes representatives from the whole colony Provincial Congress
i will fight for whom ever pays me Mercenary
a war, 1 country 2 parties/ 2 sections civil war
one who supported the king and his beliefs loyalist
i support the continental and provincial congress! patriot
i fight in small groups! skirmish
i dont choose to go this side but i dont choose to go to that side either i guess ill just stay _________ neutral
you dont WIN you dont LOOSE stalemate
i am a document with a framework of the goverment and i establish rules of what you can and cannot do. constitution
we added a 2 cent tax on that CD Tarrif
ummm i dont really like this rule we are going to take it to a higher court and see what we can do Appeal
im from germany. what am i? allen
You should not allow this in public homes! we must stop! who is with me? sedition
no i do not think that was very constitutional judicial review
OBEY my laws event though they are wrong! nullification
any powers were not reserved for the states state rights
we are south carolinina loyalists christopher gadsen and francis marion
I AM A GAME COCK thomas sumter
Created by: AyannaOF