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Pharm Procedures I

Pharm Proc YBI Chapter Four to page 63

Root word - card heart
Root word - cyst bladder
Root word - gastr stomach
Root word - hemat blood
Root word - hepat liver
Root word - my muscle
Root word - pector chest
Root word - neur nerve
Root word - pneum lung
Root word - ocul eye
Root word - derma skin
Root word - ven vein
Root word - mast breast
Root word - oste bone
Root word - nephr kidney
Root word - ot ear
Root word - angi vessel
Root word - aort aorta
Root word - oxy oxygen
Root word - phleb vein
Root word - stenosis narrowing
Root word - thromb clot
Root word - vas(cu) blood vessel
Root word - adrena adrenal
Root word - glyc sugar
Root word - lipid fat
Root word - pancreat pancreas
Root word - somat body
Root word - thym thymus
Root word - thyr thyroid
What does atherosclerosis mean? Hardening of the artery
What does cardiomyopathy mean? Disease of the heart muscle
What does hypertension mean? High blood pressure
What does thrombosis mean? Blood clots in the vascular system
What does venous mean? Pertaining to the veins
What does endocrine mean? Pertaining to glands that secrete hormones into the blood stream
What does hyperglycemia mean? High blood sugar
What does hyperlipidemia mean? Increase in lipids in the blood
What does hypothyroidism mean? A deficiency of thyroid secretion
What does somatic mean? Pertaining to the body
What are the two brand name drugs used for atrial fibrillation? Coumadin and Lopressor
What are the two brand name drugs used for CHF? Coreg and Vasotec
What are the two brand name drugs used for CAD? Norvasc and Plavix
What are the two brand name drugs used for HTN? Diovan and Lasix
What is the drug used for diabetes insipidus? Pitressin
What are the three drugs used for diabetes mellitus? Humalog, Novolin R, and Orinase
What is the drug used for hyperthyroidism? Tapazole
What is the drug used for hypothyroidism? Levoxyl
Created by: dsljulian