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Health #1

Puberty Test

adolence the period of time between childhood and adulthood
puberty the time when males and females become physicaly able to reproduce
secondary sex characteristics the physical changes that occur in our bodies during puberty
changes in females body breast development, wider hips, menstruation or period, long bones stop growing, and narrowed waist
changes in males body deeper voices, chest and facial hair, larger penis, start making sperm, and spontaneous erections
changes in both sexes pubic hair, underarm hair, growth spurt, acne, and body oder
how does a boy know when he has started to make sperm he has wet dreams
how does a girl know her menstrual clycle has started she gets her period
endocrine system a system of glands that release hormones into the bloodstream
pituitary gland the gland primarily responsible for releasing hormones related to sexual development
hormones chemicals that cause changes in your body
Created by: elyssa