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Ciao Chapter Four vo

end of the chapter vocabulary

glass il bicchiere
cookie il biscotto
bottle la bottiglia
little candle la candelina
meat la carne
food il cibo
birthday il compleanno
kitchen; cooking, cuisine la cucina
cook il cuoco/la cuoca
groceries i generi alimentari
dish,course il piatto
gift, present il regalo
money i soldi
surprise la sorpresa
explanation la spiegazione
cup la tazza
sugar lo zucchero
some, a few alcuni(e)
organic biologico
each, every ogni
little; few poco (pl. pochi)
some qualche (sing.)
how much, how many quanto, a,i,e,
delicious squisito
much, so much tanto
too much troppo
the whole; all, every tutto
vegetarian vegetariano
to love amare
to open aprire
to arrive arrivare
to wish (somebody) augurare
to understand capire (isc)
to ask chiedere
to close chiudere
to have a birthday compiere...anni
to believe credere
to cook cucinare
to forget dimenticare
to sleep dormire
to celebrate festeggiare
to finish finire (-isc)
to invite invitare
to read leggere
to send mandare
to offer offrire
to order ordinare
to organize organizzare
to pay pagare
to leave (a place) partire (da)
to lose perdere
to bring, to carry; to wear portare
to prefer preferire (-isc)
to take,to catch prendere
to prepare preparare
to clean pulire (-isc)
to give a present regalare
to receive ricevere
to repeat ripetere
to answer rispondere
to give back restituire (-isc)
to write scrivere
to follow seguire
to hear sentire
to serve servire
to see vedere
to live vivere
to be...years old avere...anni
OK< agreed d'accordo
usually, generally di solito
to be on a diet essere a dieta
Do you like...? (informal) Ti piace (piacciono)...?
I like... Mi piace (piacciono)...
some, a bit of un po' di (un poco di)
a lot of un sacco di
How much? Quanto?
How old are you? Quanti anni hai?
if se
without senza
with pleasure volentieri
I would like vorrei
Created by: jayagoldengirl