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Ingredients Terms

Purpose of each ingredients [FACS]

Purpose of Eggs Add flavor; Yolk prevents in mixing oil and liquid elements of batter; provides moisture; helps bind other ingredients together; Aid in browning; Help a coating adhere to food surfaces for frying
Purpose of Fats or Oils tenderize; add moisture; maintain freshness and extend keeping quality; help produce a tender and/or flaky product; prevent food from sticking to the pan; help transfer heat; add flavor; add a degree of brownness.
Purpose of Flavoring enhance natural flavors; add new flavors; salt slows growth of bacteria in bread products
Purpose of Flour Provides bulk; Provides structure; acts as a thickener; coats food.
Purpose of Leavening Agents React with moisture or with sweetening agents to produce carbon dioxide which causes small bubbles to form within the product and make it rise or increase in volume
Purpose of Liquid Add moisture; Help ingredients to react with each together; Bind ingredients together.
Purpose of Sweetening Adds flavor; Provides tenderness; Adds crispness; Browns as it melts during cooking (caramelizing)
Created by: SagesSoccer11