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Geiriau Tebyg

adnabod to know someone
gwybod to know something
bai to blame
bae bay
Cymraeg Welsh language
Cymreig Welsh culture
cau to close
cae field
ffôn phone
ffon stick
gem jewel
gêm game
mor so
môr sea
prif main
pryf fly
sir county
sur sour
tal tall
tâl payment
tan until
tân fire
nith niece
nyth nest
prydau meals
prydiau times
a+consonant and
ac+vowel and
â as
ei his/her
eu their
hyn these
hun on my own
hŷn older
ton wave
tôn tone
glan on the bank
glân clean
nag than+vowel
nac formal -tive+vowel
melin mill
melyn yellow
i'w to his/her/their
yw is
pa which
pwy who
sudd juice
sydd that is
ti you
Created by: Ch4rlott3
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