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Baking Terms

Terms for FACS

Baste to moisten foods during cooking with pan drippings or special sauce to add flavor and prevent drying
Beat to make mixture smooth by adding air with a brisk whipping or stirring motion using a spoon or electric mixer
Blanch to precook in boiling water or steam to prepare food for canning or freezing; or to loosen skin
Boil to cook in liquid at boiling temperature (212 degrees at sea level) where bubbles rise to the surface and break. For a full rolling boil, bubbles form rapidly throughout the mixture.
Chill to place in a refrigerator to reduce temperature
Cut in to mix shortening to dry ingredients using pastry blender or knives
Dice To cut food into small cubes of uniform size and shape
Garnish to trim with small pieces of colorful foods (lemons, peppers…)
Julienne match-like strips of vegetables, fruits, or meats
Knead to work the dough with the heel of the hand with a pressing, folding motion
Marinade to allow a food to stand in a liquid to tenderize or add flavor
Mince to chop into very small pieces
Mix to combine ingredients, usually by stirring, until evenly distributed.
Pit to remove pits from fruits.
Poach to cook in a hot liquid, being careful that food holds shape while cooking
Preheat to cook food partially or completely before final cooking or reheating
Puree a paste or thick liquid suspension in food
Sauté to brown or cook in a small amount of hot shortening
Score to cut narrow grooves or slits partway through the outer surface of food
Simmer to cook in liquid over low heat at a temperature of 185-210 degrees where bubbles form at a slow rate and burst before reaching the surface
Steam to cook in steam with or without pressure. A small amount of boiling water is used, more water being added if necessary.
Stew to simmer slowly in a small amount of liquid
Whip to beat rapidly to incorporate air and produce expansion, as in heavy cream or egg whites.
Fold to gently combine a mixture
Cube cut into evenly shaped pieces about ½” on both sides
Dice-Cut into shaped pieces about ¼” on both sides (blank)
Pare cut off the outside covering of a fruit or vegetable
Grate rub food over a grater to get fine particles
Shred cut or tear food into long, thin pieces.
Brush use a brush to lightly cover the surface of a food with another food
Coat to cover the surface of a food with a dry ingredient
Grease rub lightly with a fat
Season add seasonings to improve flavor
Strain remove solid particles from a liquid
Drain remove excess liquid by placing food in a strainer or colander
Deep Frying Fat food is completely covered in fat
Pan Frying done in a skillet with a smaller amount of fat
Stir-Frying food is cut into small pieces and quickly cooked in a small amount of fat.
Created by: SagesSoccer11