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Test Take Home

How old is Buddism? 2500 years
Who is the founder of Buddhism in what year? Siddahartha Guatama B.C.E 563
How was Siddahartha Guatama born? Unconventinal Conception, was carried for 10 mnths, mother gave birth from her side, held onto tree singing, he was clean and unstained, water poured down from the sky, Queen Maya(mother) died shortly after, walked and spoke "this is my last birth"
What do Buddhists believe in? Nirvana-Break free from the cycle No God
What is the Eightfold Path? Concentration, Views, Resolve, Speech, Conduct, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness
What is the middle way?
Explain the First Sermon? Siddhartha (Buddha) Took place in royal deer reserve 5 Hindu asetic=became bhikkhus Teaching spread b/c sangha
What are the four noble truths? Dukkah-All life is suffering, all suffering is life due to Karma form Origin of Dukkah-Cause of suffereing is greed & selfishness Cessation of Dukkah- See beyond yourself= end suffering Path of Cessation of Dukkah- End of suffering=follow eightfold pa
What are the Three Jewels? Buddah-I take refuge in Buddah Dharma- I take refuge in teachings Sangha- I take refuge in comunity
3 Characteristics of Existence? Dukka= suffering- unsatisfatory in life Anicca= impermenance- Nothing lasts forever Anatta= no self- no soul
What is a Buddhist form of worship? Meditation- pray by bowing chanting and recieving offering
Explain Meditation? Most important part of worship Important to rise above any worries
What happens during "Group Worship" Meet in shrine room > remove shoes> sits on floor> legs crossed gift of flowers and/or light given Monk leads ceremony
What do Buddhist temples consist of? Statue of Buddah, Flowers, Candles, Incense
What do the symbols repersent? Flowers- rep. impermenance don't last long Cnadles- a light burns brightly and banishes darkness Incense- has a sweet smell= teachings of the Buddha
The diff. between shrines and monestaries? Shrines- Usually worship in front of shrines Monastaries- A place where monks live
What is a Stupa A burial mound> can be found in a monastery After Buddha passed> the ashes were taken to eight places> Stupas place around
What is a Mudra Hand gestures> most important icon used in meditation
What are some practices that contribute good karma? Giving alms or donations Dana> occasion where ppl donate food robes medicine and nescessities
What is the importance of lotus flowers Human=Lotus Flowers Some in mud> Some emerging> some in bloom Show anyone has ability to develop thoer potential and rise from mud
What is the Buddhapada Rep. Buddha footprints carved from stones Toes all same size
Explain the Wheel of Life Complete visual rep. of samsara, endless cycle @ uncontrolled rebirth Held in teeth of Yama> Lord of Death Moon= Nirvana Buddha is outside wheel (only one)
Exp. Inner Circle Bird, Pig, Snake' Greed, Ignorance, Hatred
Exp, 2nd Circle Forms of Rebirth White= Heaven, Black= Hell
Exp. 3rd Circle Region in which can be reborn exp. of sensory pleasure or suffering
Exp. 4th Circle 12 causes of endless rebirth
Created by: shamwow