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RES 260 Neonatal 1

RES 260 Development and Care of the Fetus: Conception to Birth

At what stage of embryologic development does the ovum enter the uterus? morula
The respiratory system arises from what germ layer? endoderm
The earliest development of the lung begins at: 24 days
Dichotomy of the airways occurs during which phase of lung development? pseudoglandular
The heart develops from which germ layer(s)? mesoderm
The ductus arteriosus shunts blood from: The pulmonary artery to the aorta
A high level of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) found during amniocentesis indicates: Neural tube defect (Low AFP indicates Down syndrome)
Monitoring of the fetal heart rate during labor and delivery is used to detect: placental insufficiency, Compression of the umbilical cord, Bradycardia secondary to a vagal stimulus
A common cause of fetal bradycardia is: asphyxia
Type III decelerations are caused by what? Compression of the umbilical cord
A woman presents in her physician’s office for an examination. The first day of her last menstrual period was October 21. Fundal height is 25 cm. What would be the estimated date of delivery? July 28
Meconium passage into the amniotic fluid is precipitated by: asphyxia
Polyhydramnios is defined as: An excessive amount of amniotic fluid
In the placenta, the fetal vessels are contained in the: Chorionic villi
Assessment of the fetus in the first trimester is facilitated by what technique? Transvaginal ultrasound
The most accurate method of measuring fetal heart rate is: Fetal scalp electrode
Actual delivery of the fetus takes place during the second stage of labor and normally does not exceed 2 hours True
Dystocia could result from? Breech presentation, Cephalopelvic disproportion, Uterine dysfunction
Vaginal delivery of the fetus is nearly impossible in _______ position? Transverse lie
A complete coverage of the cervical opening by the placenta is called: Total placenta previa
Substantial separation of the placenta from the uterus w/ no visible bleeding is called: concealed hemorrhage
Clamping of the umbilical cord results in: Raising the neonate’s arterial pressure
Each breath subsequent to the first breath requires less negative pressure due to: Establishment of the FRC
Blood flow through the foramen ovale normally ceases when: Left heart pressure exceeds right heart pressure
Ninety-five percent of fetal presentation is prior to birth are in the _____ postion. vertex
When measuring maternal estriol levels, fetal distress is indicated when: Estriol levels decrease 50 to 60% in maternal urine
Give some true statements regarding fetal movements? Fetal movements show the greatest activity between 28 and 34 weeks, Fetal distress and stillbirth are common findings when the fetus is inactive, Movement has been detected as early as 7 weeks gestation.
"Baroreceptors are actually_______________” stretch receptors
What does not appear to accelerate fetal lung maturation? Maternal preeclampsia
What best describes surface tension? the tendency of a liquid surface to contract inward. Like molecules attract each other and pull together
What may occur following Cesarean section? TTN
Lung fluid characteristics of a fetus… There is approximately 20 to 30 ml/kg present at birth, It has lower pH, protein, and bicarbonate levels than amniotic fluid, It maintains the patency of the developing airways.
What are some possible causes of polyhydramnios? Hydrocephalus. Esophageal atresia, Down syndrome, Cleft palate
What test done on amniotic fluid is used to help determine fetal kidney maturity? Creatinine levels
What cannot be detected by ultrasound? Presence of infection
What fetal scalp pH is the lower limit of normal? 7.25
A woman presents in her physician’s office for an examination. The first day of her last menstrual period was October 21. Fundal height is 25 cm. What would be the estimated date of delivery? 25 weeks
What involves removal of a fetal blood sample while still in utero? cordocentesis
What drugs are used as a tocolytic? Terbutaline
Describe the path of blood that is shunted through the foramen ovale. From the right atrium to left atrium
Which of the following drugs is not used as a tocolytic? beclomethasone
Of the following, which is not part of the birth process? expulsion of the placenta
which of the following phospholipids, when found in amniotic fluid,is the best indicator of lung maturity in the fetus? Phosphatidylglycerol
During which stage of fetal lung development do Type1 and Type2 pneumocytes appear? Terminal sac period
Which of the following blood vessels is a shunt pathway that exits normally in the fetal circulation? Ductus arteriosus
Compared to amniotic fluid, which of the following statements is true regrading fetal lung fluid? Fetal lung fluid has a lower protein content
During which stage of fetal lung development does deposition of cartilage begin? Pesudoglandular
Created by: Cam1228
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