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Active IQ Unit 4

Active IQ Unit 4 Revision Questions

What would be an adaptation to regular cardiovascular training? Reduced resting heart rate Hypertrophy Increased cardiac output
What is a long term effect of aerobic exercise? Decrease in blood pressure
What is important to reduce blood pooling when taking part in physical activity? A cool down
Regular flexibility training will lead to? Increase in range of movement
Delayed onset of muscle soreness is typically experienced.. Between 12 - 72 hours after exercise
What is the definition for reaction time? The ability to respond quickly to a stimulus
What do the letters F.I.T.T. stand for in relation to the basic fitness variables? Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type
When an overload is applied it should be gradual and sufficient enough to elicit an adaptation, but should not be excessive. This principle is known as? Progression
By increasing the speed of an exercise, intensity will? Increase
Increasing the lever arm during an exercise... Can provide a greater challenge to the participant
What would be considered to be a vigorous activity for a beginner? Circuit training
From the age of 40, approximately what percentage of loss in physical capacity takes place each year? 1 - 2%
Which method is used to measure exercise? Talk test RPE / Borg Scale
Hypokinetic diseases are said to be caused by what? Inactivity
According to the healthy eating plate how many portions of fruit and vegetables are recommended per day? 5
Created by: Suze Riddell