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Latin/Greek Roots

A,ab,abs Off,Away from
Ad,ag Toward
Able,ible Able
Act Do
Alb White
Cieve,cept Take
Fer Carry
Flect,flex bend
Pend,pense Hang
Vert,vers Turn
Pre Before,In Advance
Post Behind,After
Ous Full of,Having
Algia Pain
Amphi Both
Micro Small
Op,oper Work
Pel,Puls Push
Pose Place
Test Witness
Ex Out from,out of,away,off
Ambi Around,about,on both sides
An,ian Nature of
Ly Manner of
Cede,cess Move,yield,go
Clud,clus close,shut
Mit,Miss Send
Onym Name
Plore Weep
Press Press
Ante Before
De Down,off
Fy Make
Ship State of
Apt Reach,fit,suit
Morph Form
Sist,sta,stit Stand
Struct,stru Build
Sume Take,use,waste
Tort Twist
Circum Around
Trans Across,over
Ance,ancy Action,process,state
Ine Nature of
Brev Short
Calor Heat
Cant Edge,angle from
Dem Birth
Ten,tin,tain Hold
Tract Pull
Com,co,con With,together
Juxta Near,beside
Ary,ery,ory Relating to,quality,where
Ize,ise Make
Belli War
Bibl Book
Carn Flesh
Cord,cor,cardi Heart
Cred Believe
Ocul,opthal,opia Eye
Pro,prod Forth,for,forward
Re Back,again
Cian Possessing specific skill or art
Tude State,or condition of
Basi At the Bottom
Bene Good,well
Bib Drink
Blast Germ,Embryo
Chrom Color
Caus,caut Burn,heat
Dis Apart
Retro Backwards
Cy Action,function
Ness State of
Chrono Time
Neg No
Olig Few
Osteo Bone
Path Feeling,suffering
Pedo Child
Extra Outside,beyond
Subter Beneath,secretly
Dom Quality,realm
Ward In the direction of
Archeo Ancient,primitive
Aster,Astra Star
Herb Plant
Jur,jus Law
Luc Light
Proto First
Intra In,within,inside
Preter Past,beyond
Escent In the process of
Ist One who,that which
Gen Birth
Ped,pod Foot
Pseudo False
Sect Cut
Vac Empty
Zoo Animal
Created by: isanchez0621
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