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Advertisement types

22 terms

Persuasive Convinces people
Persuasive techniques Changes people's opinion
Logical appeal Presents facts and evidence
Emotional appeal Stirs up feelings of audience
Language Positive or negative opinions
Public service announcements Tries to help the public
Logic Smart
Faulty reasoning Flawed thinking
Logical fallacies False
Hasty generalization Too little evidence
Over generalization Broad conclusions
Circular reasoning Goes over same thing over again
False cause Assumption of one event because earlier in time
Claim Argument
Propaganda Attempts to convince the audience
Propaganda techniques Different propaganda techniques
Bandwagon appeal Everyone else is doing it
Stereotype Fake
Name calling Negative feelings
Snob appeal Make people think they are special
Endorsement Recommendation
Commercial advertsisements Persuades people to buy a certain product
Created by: Andrew barley