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PTCB Questions

questions on dispensing, drug information, and pharmacy operations

Which drug classification should not be taken with potassium-sparing diuretics ACE Inhibitors
Which vitamin deficiency results in rickets Vitamin D
How many refills may a physician order for a Schedule II drug None
What do the three sets of numbers in an NDC number reflect Drug manufacturer, drug product, and package size
How often should an inventory of controlled substance be taken Every 2 years
Which reference book contains the USP and NF drug standards and dispensing requirements The Drug Topics Orange Book
Which schedule contains the combination product oxycodone + acetaminophen Schedule II
What vitamin will increase the blood coagulation of a patient taking Coumadin Vitamin K
How many days does a pharmacy have to fill a prescription of Accutane (Vitmain A) 7 days
Who makes notations and signs medication administration records (MARs) in an institution Nurses
What is the maximum number of refills allowed for a Schedule IV drug Five
What vitamin deficiency may result in scurvy Vitamin C
What is the generic name for Lodine Etodolac
What classification of medications may yield side effects such as dry eyes, dry mouth, or difficult urination or defecation Anticholinergics
What rating indicates that a drug is contraindicated in pregnancy X
What is not found in a total nutrient admixture Protein
What system does tuberculosis affect Respiratory
Where would meperidine be stored in the pharmacy In the pharmacy safe
What is the maximum number of refills allowed on Accutane prescriptions None
What process occurs when a drug blocks the activity of metabolic enzymes in the liver Inhibition
Which method of administration is used to provide medication to an unconscious patient Parenteral
How often should a patient change his or her Catapres TTS patch Weekly
What is the generic name for Percocet Acetaminophen + oxycodone
Which law is being violated if an employer descriminates against a potential employee because of medical reasons that would not prevent him or her from properly performing the job ADA
What is another term for hyperalimenation TPN
What is the primary source of medication for community pharmacies Manufacturers and wholesalers
What is the generic name for Avapro Irbesartan
Who develops the formulary for a hospital Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee
What medication should be dispensed to a pregnant woman with hypertension Methyldopa
What does "qsad" mean on a prescription A sufficient quantity to make
New OTC drugs are required to go through phases. Which phase occurs when a final review is done on the ingredients of the agent in question and the public is able to give feedback Phase II
What reference book is the official compendium of pharmaceutical products in the US USP-NF
How long must controlled substance records be retained according to federal law 2 years
What gland influences water balance, body temperature, appetite, and emotions Hypothalamus
Which pharmacy law clearly defined adulteration and misbranding Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938
What is the name of the company that administers drug benefit programs PBM
Which of the following agencies is responsible for approving hospitals for Medicaid reimbursement HCFA
What will occur if a patient is taking both nitrates/sildenafil Hypotension
What are the 2 most commonly used floor stock WP's D5W & 0.9% NS
How much codeine is contained in 1 tablet of Tylenol #3 1/2 gr
What organization would an individual report a medical error State board of pharmacy
What type of medication is infused by PCA Analgesics
What would be the ROA for Mycelex troches Buccal
What antiplatelet medication must be administered parenterally Abciximab
What type of balance is required in all pharmacies Class A
What dosage form releases carbon dioxide when it comes in contact with a liquid such as water Effervescent salts
What standards much be followed during extemporaneous compounding GMP
What medication is used as an antidote for heparin Protamine Sulfate
What process is used in compounding a product in which one begins with the most potent drug, adds the next quantity of drug, and so on until used Geometric Dilution
What dosage form contains small pellets or beads Spansules
Maxzide is to tablet as Dyazide is to ______ Capsule
Generic name for Patanol Olopatadine
Generic name for Zyprexa Olanzapine
What product is used to treat menopause/PMS Black Cohosh
What size bottle should be dispensed when using 150ml syrup 6 oz. bottle
AAC stands for Acutal acquisition cost
What reference book is a compilation of package inserts Physicians Desk Reference
What is the saline content for hypertonic saline solution 0.03
What type of medication are DOS & DSS Laxative agents
What temperature is considered room temperature (in Celcius) 15 - 30 degrees
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