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test #3

The tremendous volcanic eruption of this indonesian island in the 1887 is credited with affecting weather conditions throughout the world. Karakatoa
the treaty of _____ followed the opium war and forced China to open up the 100 treaty ports to the British and other european nations. Nanking
the river which flows along the border of china and the Russian federation is the _______. Amar
While the _______ language is dominant in singapore, it is NOT widely spoken in any other SE asian country. english
in terms of energy, china is the only east asian country that is self-sufficient in terms of _____ productions. Coal
identify the temple of world renown which was built under the supervision of Suryavarman II in what is now the country of Kampuchea? Angkor Wat
identify the city which is clearly today the industrial center of china Shanghai
the first europeans to arrive in the SE asia/Pacific island region came from _____. Portugal
Identify the physical feature which tends to seperate the N dry wheat growing area of china from the southern warm rice growing region Qin ling shan mountains
colonization if the SE asia led to the development of a ______ system and the subsequent emphasis on specialty crops Plantation
identify the group of non-vietnamese people who under french colonial rule lived in vietnam's highlands at subsistence levels. montagnards
historically the belief that china was the cultural center of the world was embodied in the teachings of ______. Confucianism
china can be divided into two broad regions, the high and arid plateaus and basins of the west and the humid hills and plains of the _____. Southeast
the racial identity of the vast majority of SE Asia is the ______. Mekong
In 1911 the manchu dynasty was overthrown, thus ending over 4,000 years of dynastic rule in china. the republic which was established in 1912 was headed by the _________. Sun Yat-Sen
SE asia's only OPEC member is ______. Brunei
The east asian country which has the closest ties to the Russian Federation is _____. Mongolia
The primary lingua franca of the Philippines is ________. Spanish.
The newly independent countries have created a _____ economy Dual
Modernization common in the ______ cities; rural areas reflect the characteristics of less industrial regions. Primate
High population growth rates; majority of population engaged in ______ activities. primary
issues that present greatest challanges 1. division of regions is bad, 2. transportation is awful, 3. surge of nationalism, more.
china is _____ of world popualtion 1/6th, 1.3 billion
collective farms were ____ % of peasant households 90
in ___ nationalists withdrew the island of _____ 1949; Taiwan
Great leap forward = _______ People's Communes
only ___% of land suitable for agriculture in china. 11
Name the topography of china North: dry arid, flat plateaus, Southeast: wet, moist mountains and hills - West - arid and dry as well
3 dominant river systems of china Huang He, Chang Jiang, and Xi Jiang
China's _____ is it's ultimate resource population
most of the population is concentrated in ______. China Proper
by 1990 over 90% of farm families under a ______ system. contract; a free enterprise system. everything above quota was theirs to keep.
Dongbei a major center of iron and steel in the NE
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