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M.F Vocab Unit 3


Abnegate VERB To deny oneself things; to reject; to renounce
Ambience NOUN Atmosphere; mood; feeling
Assiduous ADJECTIVE Hardworking; busy; quiet diligent
Cadence NOUN Rhythm; the rise and fall of sounds
Colloquial ADJECTIVE Conversational; informal in language
Criterion NOUN Standard; basis for judgment
Discriminate VERB To notice or point out the difference two or more things; to discern; to differentiate
Epitome NOUN A brief summary that captures the mean of the whole; the perfect answer of something
Fescund ADJECTIVE Fertile; productive
Histrionic ADJECTIVE overly dramatic; theatrical
Inert ADJECTIVE Inactive; sluggish; not reacting chemically
largess NOUN Generous giving of gifts, generosity; philanthropy
miniscule ADJECTIVE Very thin
painstaking ADJECTIVE extremely careful
Proselytize VERB to convert (someone) from one religion or doctrine to another, to recruit converts to a religion
reprove VERB to criticize mildly
squalor NOUN Filth; wretched, degraded or repulsive living conditions
temperate ADJECTIVE Mild; moderate; restrained
Verisimilitude NOUN Similarity to reality; the appearance of truth; looking like the real thing
Plaintive ADJECTIVE Expressing sadness
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