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personality disorder

abnormal personalities

paranoid personality disorder (Cluster A) -Paranoid -unwarranted suspiciousness -overtly sensitive to criticism -readily angered /grudges -reluctance to confide -few friends/ intimate relationships -hypervigilant about harm -deny blame of self -cold, aloof, devious and humorless
schizoid personality disorder (Cluster A) -indifference to emotion -lack interest in social relationships -Socially isolated -rarely experience strong emotion -distant/aloof
schizotypal pd (Cluster A) -Odd thinking patterns -ccentric in thought, mannerisms, behavior -very anxious in social situation -paranoid thoughts -lack of interest in social relationships
Antisocial (Cluster B) -Failure to conform to social or legal codes -Lack of anxiety and guilt -Irresponsible behaviors -no remorse -very impulsive -egocentric, very munipulative, callous
Narcissistic (Cluster B) -exaggerated sense of self-importance -complete demand for attention/admiration -exploitative -expect others to notice special qualities or talents -lack of empathy -demands to be center of attention
Borderline (Cluster B) -Instability -Intense fluctuations in mood, self image, and interpersonal relationships -Lack of control over impulses -Does not like being alone -extreme feelings of abandonment -clingy
histrionic pd (cluster b) -dramatic & emotional presentation -excessive need for attention -attention-seeking behaviors -exaggerated emotional expressions
Avoidant (Cluster C) -Inhibition -Fear of rejection and humiliation -Reluctance to enter into social relationships
Dependent (Cluster C) -Needs to be taken care of -Reliance on others -Inability to assume responsibilities
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (Cluster C) -Pefectionist -Interpersonally controlling -Devotion to detail and rigidity
Cluster A Odd, Eccentric personality disorders
Cluster B Dramatic, Emotional, Erratic Personality Disorders
Cluster C Anxious, Fearful Personality Disorders
Impulse Control Disorders -Failure to resist impulse or temptation -Experience tension or arousal before the act -After committing act, feel a sense of gratification, excitement, or realease.
Intermittent Explosive Disorder -Temporary loss of control over agrgressive impulses- higher in males -Age of onset: 17-30
Kleptomania Recurrent failure to resist impulses to steal objects -Higher in females
Trichotilomania Inability to resist impulses to pull out one's own hair -Higher in females -Onset: Childhood
Pathological Gambling -Chronic & progressive failure to resist impulses to gamble - Higher in Males
Pyromania Deliberate & purposeful fire setting on more than one occasion -Higher in males
Treatment for impulse disorders -Psychoeducation -Recognize tension states -Rehearse alternative responses, Change cognitive styles
Created by: yroberts