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Music Quiz

Piano soft
Forte loud
Fortissimo very loud
Mezzo-piano medium soft
Mezzo-forte medium loud
Solo one person or instrument
Duet two persons or instruments
Soli one section plays or sings
Tutti all persons sing or play
Accelerando Accelerando
Accent Stress of one tone over others, making it stand out; often it is the first beat of a measure
Accompaniment Music that goes along with a more important part; often harmony or rhythmic patterns accompanying a melody
Adagio Slow, leisurely
Allegretto Moderately fast, lively. Faster than Andante, slower than allegro
Allegro Lively, brisk, rapid
Andante Moderately slow, a walking speed
Baroque Relating to the period from about 1600-1750, characterized by grandeur and heavy elaboration of design in music.
Binary form Two-part form; the structure of a musical composition consisting of two main sections.
Cadence Closing of a phrase or section of music
Cantata A short lyric form dealing with either secular or sacred subjects
Chord Three or more tones combined and sounded simultaneously
Classical Referring to that period from approximately 1750-1800, characterized musically by objectivity of the composer, emotional restraint, and simple harmonies
Consonance A simultaneious sounding of tones that produces a feeling of rest, i.e., a feeling that there is no need for further resolution
Crescendo Gradually growing louder
Da Capo From the beginning. A direction to repeat the entire compositon from the beginning to the place where the word "fine" appears or to the end.
Diminuendo Gradually growing softer
Dissonance A simultaneous sounding of tones that produces a feeling of tension or unrest and a feeling that further resolution is needed.
Dolce Sweetly, softly
Dynamics Varying intensities of sound throughout a given musical composition. (Piano, Mezzo Piano, Forte, etc.)
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