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position Tspine

When doing a T-spine, how is the cathode positioned to overcome the "heel affect"? the cathode is positioned toward the feet or the the thickest part of the body
On an Ap projection of the T-spine where is the central ray going to enter? T7 or midway between the jugular notch and the xiphiod process
Abnormal curvature of the spine in the Lateral T-spine is called scoliosis
If you are using an AEC exposure control system on a lateral spine without a lead or rubber mat you will do what to the film under expose it
Abnormal increase in anterior concavity or posterior convexity of the lateral T-spine is known as what type of curve? kyphosis
The zygapophyseal joints are shown best in what projection of the T-spine? Oblique
The intervertebral foramen is best shown on what projection of the T-spine Lateral
Name the opening in which the spinal cord goes through? vertebral foramen
What method is used to see scoliosis is a lateral projection of the T-spine Ferguson method
What is the posterior bony ring vertebrae called vertebral notch
Where is the arms placed in the lateral projection of the T-spine? 90 degree or right angle from the body
How do you get the back to connect with the table on a AP projection of the T-spine? bend or flex the knees
What is the central ray angle for an AP projection for a T-spine? perpendicular
What is the lateral T-spine breathing technique? you use a breathing technique or normal breathing
Where does the Central ray enter for a lateral T-spine? posterior end of T7
Created by: atesta0824