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Management Chap-15

Robbins & Coulter 11th Edition

Communication the transfer and understanding of meaning
Interpersonal Communication communication between two or more people
Organizational Communication all the patterns, networks, and systems of communication within an organization
Message a purpose to be conveyed
Encoding converting a message into symbols
Channel the medium a message travels along
Decoding retranslating a sender's message
Communication Process the seven elements involved in trasferring meaning from one person to another
Noise any disturbances that interfere with the transmission, receipt, or feedback of a message
Nonverbal Communication communication transmitted without words
Body Language gestures, facial configurations, and other body movements that convey meaning
Verbal Intonation an emphasis given to words or phrases that conveys meaning
Filtering the deliberate manipulation of information to make it appear more favorable to the receiver
Information Overload when information exceeds our processing capacity
Jargon specialized terminology or technical language that members of a group use to communicate among themselves
Active Listening listening for full meaning without making premature judgements or interpretations
Formal Communication communication that takes place within prescribed organizational work arrangements
Informal Communication communication that is not defined by the organization's structural hierachy
Downward Communication communication that flows downward from a manager to employees
Upward Communication communication that flows upward from employees to managers
Lateral Communication communication that takes place among any employees on the same organizational level
Diagonal Communication communication that cuts across work areas and organizational areas
Communication Networks the variety of patterns of vertical and horizontal flows of organizational communication
Grapevine the informal organizational communication network
Open Workplaces workplaces with few physical barriers and enclosures
Ethical Communication communication that includes all relevant information, is true in every sense, and is not deceptive in any way
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