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101 chest test

list of diseases

what is bronchitis ? Chronic disorder of the lower respiatory tract A chronic forerunner into emphysema. Inflammation of bronchial tube caused from bacteria inhaled through air.
What is asthma ? Chronic disorder of the lower respiatory tract Constriction of the bronchai due to spasm of bronchial muscle
Bronchiectasis Chronic disorder of the lower respiatory tract Weaking of the bronchial walls due to chronic inflammation. No treatment.
Tb- tuberculosis ? it is infectious (contagious) inflammatory and chronic disorder, common in lungs. Transmitted by inhaling infected droplets.
Emphysema"barrel" chest most common chronic disease of lungs. Over distension of lung tissue with air.
Consolidated Pneumonia Acute disorder of respiratory tract Acute inflammation of the lungs
Lobular Pneumonia Acute disorder of respiratory tract where your aveolar fills with exodate (pus)
interstitial (viral pneumonia) Acute disorder of respiratory tract no exodate (puss) secondary disease ex.chicken pox
Pleural effusions (swelling) Acute disorder of respiratory tract excess fluid that accumulates in pleural space
Pulmonary edema Acute disorder of respiratory tract swelling with fluid in lungs
Atelectasis Acute disorder of respiratory tract collapse of all the parts of the lungs. Free air enters in pleural space.
Pneumothorax Acute disorder of respiratory tract free air enters thorax
Pulmonary embolism Acute disorder of respiratory tract moving clots usually in the vein
Pleurisy Acute disorder of respiratory tractpain caused by the inflammation od the parietal pleura
Hylaine Membrane disease Congential lung disease loss of surfactant in the lung. (lungs wont inflate) Also called respiatory distress syndrome for new borns
Cystic fibrosos Congential lung disease inherited disease outward secretion glands not functioning properly
Pneumoconiosis Occupational lung diease black lungs called anthracosis dust in lungs dust contaminated with bird poop
lung tumor Neoplasms of lung cancerous or malignant metastatic or metastasis tumors are those that transfer from one site to another
colles fracture of the distal radius and a chip fracture of the ulnar styloid posterior displacement
Smith fracture same as colles but displaced anteriorly
green stick an incomplete break of a long bone one side broken, other side bent causing bowing common in children
transverse occurs at rights angles to long axis of the bone
stress occurs at maximal strain
supracondylar alteration in alignment of the condyles of the humerus
compound an open fracture with fragments protrouding the skin surface..eww
avulsion/chip occurring at the site of muscle origin..pulling off a bony process
impact a fracture in which another bone is driven into another
what is the name of the disease that effects the tibial tuberosity..what kind of fracture is it ? Osgood sclatters and its idiopathic
what 2 fractures involve the radius and what makes them different ? colles is posterioly and smith is anterioly
what is inside of a cyst and how do they appear on film ? found usually in long bones, filled with fluid
which disease is usually is caused by a lack of vitamin D and lack of c ? D- osteomalacia/ricktes c-scurvy
what involves a partial dislocation that may affect the surrounding tissues ? subluxation
a forced disruption of an articulation ? dislocation ?
torus fracture impacted fracture-fx of distal radius and also knee may appear from falling with arms outstretched
surgical repair of a fracture is termed ? open reduction
a fracture which requires no realignment or manipulation of the fracture fragment non displaced
bodys response to infection ? inflammation
defect/abnormality at birth congenital
organisms causing diease ? pathogens
an example of of a bacteria ? one cell organism
congenital club foot is also known as ? talipes equinovarus
ostegenic imperfecta brittle bone, defect in the osteoblastic activity
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