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Survey of Diseases W

Mr Walters XR101

A fracture in which a bone fragment is driven into another is an Impact fracture
Chicken Pox, Inflenza and the common cold are all caused by submicroscopic organisms known as: Virus
The Form of arthritis which degenerates weight-bearing joints is termed osteoarthritis
Osgood-Schlatter's Disease affects the ? Tibial Tubercolcity
A bony tumor outgrowth termed an osteochondroma is also referred to as an exostosis
Chronic bronchitis is often the forerunner of this disorder charcterized as dyspenea and overaerated lungs emphysema
products of infection, as found in the alveoli of a pneumonia patient, form a fluid called exudate
a fracture which occurs at right angles to the long axis of the bone is a Transverse fracture
the transfer of a disease from one organ or region to another, such as malignant cells transferring from a primart site of a secondary site is called metastosis / metastaic
Which conditions could not be seen on a chest x-ray sore throat, Upper respitory
a fracture in which the fractured bone is sparated into more than one fragment is a comminuted
A fracture cause my increased pressure on a particular area such as in a joggers foot is a Stress Fracture
free air located in the pleural space may cause the lung to collapse. This airless state is termed atelectasis
What idiopathic bone condition occurs mostly in young people? Osgood-Schlatters
A fracture invovling the medial and lateral malleoli as well as the posterior tibia is Tri malleolar
When x-raying for a possible fractured extremity AP and Lateral include both joints
A forced disruption of an articulation is termed dislocation
Hyperparathyroidism results in loss of calcium, demineralizationof bone/bone cyst, loss of bone density,over activity of parathryroid
a disease process increasing the lucency of a bone requires this technical adjustment Decrease exposure time, decrease technique
a hereditary disease causing thick, ticky mucus which plugs to bronchial tubes is called cystic fibrous
An effustion of serous fluid into the chest cavity requires an icrease in exposure factors and is called Pulmonary Edema
An open fracture with fragments protruding through the skin surface is a Compound/open fracture
An impacted fracture in the wrist and knee areas which demonstrate periosteal bulging Torus
The later decubutis postion of the chest is commonly used to demonstrate pleural infusion, pneumothorax
Surgical repair of a fracture is termed open reduction
a fracture occuring at the site of a muscle origin is a avulsion/chip
An incomplete fracture in causing bowing of the long bone in a child is greenstick
A fracture occuring in the wrist area involving the distal radius is a Torus or Colles
Pneumoconiosis relates to Dust in the lungs
Congenital club foot is also known as talipes equinovarus
A condition characterized by loss of bone density is referred to as Osteoporosis
Osteomyelitis is commonly characterized as Hyogenic pus, bone infection, result of bacteria
Urate deposits in the joints are a major sign of Gout
When the lungs are inflamed and the aveoli fill with mucus, fluid or blood, the readiographic appearance in the lung field is called consolidation
A fracture which can result in the area of an osteolytic bone metastasis is a pathological
A fracture occurring superior to the elbow joint is a supracondylar
The term which best describes overdistention of tissue with air is emphysema
Another name for respitory distress syndrome of the newborn is Hylaine membrane disease
An S-shaped fracture with fragments twisted apart is of what type Spiral
A ___ __ fracture is in children involves the growth plate region of the bone Salter type
Which of the following chest pathologic conditions would require a decrese in technique from a "normal" chest? emphysema
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