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RES 260 Neonatal 2

RES 260 Care of the Neonatal and Pediatric Patient

The ductus arteriosus shunts blood from the pulmonary artery to the aorta
Placement of a medication nebulizer in the ventilator circuit between the humidifier and the distal temperature probe may cause overheating of the circuit when the nebulizer is removed
While reviewing a patient's chart before her delivery, you note the previous history shows PARA 3-1-0-2. Which of the following is TRUE? One previous birth is not living.
A pediatric patient presents with a history of a dry, nonproductive cough. You would suspect which of the following? foreign body aspiration
Which of the following techniques may be employed to promote clearance of airway secretions Positive expiratory pressure (PEP),Autogenic drainage,Flutter valve therapy, Flutter valve therapy
Which of the following is NOT an indication to performing PFTs on a neonate or pediatric patient? Assess the extent of a pneumothorax.
Which of the following is NOT an indication to performing PFTs on a neonate or pediatric patient? Assess the extent of a pneumothorax.
Assess the extent of a pneumothorax the fontanelles are bulging or tense
Attempts at intubation should be limited to _____ seconds to minimize hypoxemia 20
Chest compressions are started when the heart rate is below 80 bpm
newborn,find thick vernix covering the infant, gelatinous translucent skin, thick lanugo over the body, faint red lines on the soles of the feet, flat areola with no bud, slow ear recoil,male genitalia shows no scrotal rugae or testicular descent.Age? 26 - 28 weeks.
During a resuscitation, which of the following are first evaluated? Patient color,Heart rate, Respirations
Which of the following effects are expected from the administration of epinephrine during resuscitation? Increased heart rate, Increased heart contractility,Increased cardiac output
When should positive-pressure ventilation be given to a newborn infant with spontaneous respirations? Heart rate < 100 beats per minute.
Which of the following are complications of umbilical artery catheters? Thrombus formation,Perforation of the vessel wall,Hemorrhage,Vasospasm
Which of the following newborn conditions would warrant chest compressions following a period of positive-pressure ventilation with 100% oxygen? Heart rate of 58 beats per minute.Heart rate of 70 beats per minute and not increasing.
To ensure maximum effectiveness, PEP should be followed by what technique? FET
Which of the following signs are included in the Ballard assessment of gestational age? Ear recoil,Presence of lanugo
Which of the following would best minimize conductive heat loss in a neonate? Place patient on a warmed mattress.
A sunken or flat (scaphoid) abdomen may be significant for diaphragmatic hernia.
Which of the following statements is false regarding resuscitation bags? It is impossible to determine the FIO2 with a flow-inflating bag.
Upon assessment at one minute of age, an infant is pale, with a heart rate of 90 beats per minute, with irregular and shallow breathing, some muscle tone, but the infant makes no response to noxious stimuli. What Apgar score should be assigned? 3
Which of the following factors indicate the need to intubate? Prolonged positive pressure ventilation is required. Bag and mask ventilation is ineffective.Thick meconium is present.
Of the following, which are indicates for CPT? Asthma,Atelectasis,Cystic fibrosis,Prolonged bed rest,Ventilator care
Which of the following statements is true regarding secondary apnea in a newborn infant? An infant in secondary apnea will not begin spontaneous ventilation unless positive-pressure ventilation is provided first.
Which of the following statements is true about oxygen? Oxygen supports and intensifies combustion.
Of the following, which does not cause fetal asphyxia? Infection
Which of the following conditions is common in a baby delivered by cesarean section? Transient tachypnea of the newborn
Of the following, which may result in inaccurate pleural pressure readings when an esophageal balloon is used? cardiac artifact,paradoxical chest movement,REM sleep
This volume-pressure loop shows which of the following? normal findings
Which of the following is not part of traditional CPT? hyperoxygenation
Which of the following modalities to administer aerosolized medication requires the least amount of patient coordination? SVN
When should positive-pressure ventilation be given to a newborn infant with spontaneous respirations? Heart rate < 100 beats per minute.
One advantage to the mainstream nebulizer is that it can be used horizontally
The correct concentration and dosage of epinephrine during a resuscitation is 1:10,000 concentration given 0.1 to 0.3 mI/kg.
Which of the following would be considered hazards of aerosol drug therapy? infection,medication side effects,drug reconcentration,overhydration
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of MDI therapy? not indicated in patients younger than 12 years
While suctioning the endotracheal tube following a CPT treatment, the patient becomes bradycardic. Which of the following should the respiratory care practitioner do? stop the procedure, hyperoxygenate the patient, and shorten the duration of suction with subsequent attempts
A physician orders a pediatric patient to be on an FiO2 of 0.35. Which of the following devices would best deliver the ordered FiO2? Venturi mask
A bubble humidifier is best used with what type of oxygen administration device? cannula
The type of flowmeter often found on cylinder regulators is the Bourdon gauge
The most accurate method of measuring fetal heart rate is fetal scalp electrode
Type III decelerations are caused by which of the following? compression of the umbilical cord
Which of the following describes the path of blood that is shunted through the foramen ovale? from the right to left atrium
The greatest hazard associated with the aerosolization of ribavirin into a ventilator circuit is precipitation and accumulation of the drug on vent tubing and ETT
The main indication for oxygen administration is hypoxemia
Which of the following cannot be detected by ultrasound? presence of infection
A fetus suffering prolonged hypoxia will demonstrate which of the following? a negative NST and positive CST
Assign an Apgar score to the following Caucasian infant: 2150 grams, blue dusky color all over, flaccid, HR 90, weak gasping breaths, and a weak grimace when orally suctioned. 3
Maternal tocolytic therapy with terbutaline may lead to hyperinsulinemia
Oxygen running through tubing at 5L/min, held 2 inches from the neonate's mouth and nose, achieves what approximate FiO2? 0.40
Created by: Cam1228
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