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Diltiazem (cartizem)


Class calcium channel blocker
MOA Inhibits calcium influx across a cell membrane during depolarization
MOA systemic vasodilation =decreased BP
MOA Coronary vasodilation=decreased frequency and severity of attacks of angina
MOA Suppression of arrythmias
MOA relaxes coronary vascular smooth muscle
MOA Slows SA/AV conduction times,dilates peripheral arteries
Indication Stable SVT dysrythmias
Idication A-fibb and A-flutter with RVR
Indication MAT
COntra Sick sinus syndrome
Contra 2nd/3rd Heart blocks
COontra BP<90 mm/Hg
Contra recent MI or pulmonary congestion
Contra WPW with A-fib or flutter
Contra Cardiogenic Shock
Contra Use of beta blockers
Contra Wide complex tachy
Contra Posion or drug induced tachyarrythmias
How supplied 25mg/5cc vial or 50 mg/10 ml vial
Initial dose 0.25 mg/kg over 2 min
average ID 15-20 mg
Subsequent dose repeated in 15 mins, 0.35 mg/kg over 2 min
Average SD 20-25 mg
Maintainence dose 125 mg(25cc)/100 ml
infuse at 5-15 mg/hr
Diltiazem is incompatible with what? lasix
Created by: rebeccabelleth