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Geography note cards for exam

Geography questionsGeography answers
Wht narrow body of water separates the Iberian Peninsula from North America? Strait of Gibraltar
What city do both he Muslims and the Jews claim as a holy city? Jerualem
What is the main product exported from the Arabian Peninsula? oil
What body of water separates Great Britain from coninental Europe? north sea
On what Parallel were North and South Korea divided? 38th
What continent is considered the birthplace of civilization? Europe
What plateau known as the "roof of the world"? (blank)
What tiny European country is the world's smallest indepndent state? vatican city
What country is spread over thousands of islands in the Maylay Archpeligo? Asia
What are the four major political divisions of the United Kingdom? Europe, Scotand, Wales, Nothern Ireland
Which country occupies the Jutland Peninsula? Denmark
What is the world's oldest republic? (blank)
A person that is skilled in displaing eograpic inforation on maps and globes is called? cartography
What country is known as th Emerald Isle? Ireland
Indiansociety is based on what system? the Caste system: a srict division of socil classes
Largest city in the world basd on population (blank)
Name the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
The hightest peak in Europe Mount Elbrus
The world's largest pininsua Arabian peninsula
Capital of Greece Athens
I which German city did the communsts build a wall to keep people from escaping tofreedom? Berlin
Land that has been taken from the sea by using dams, dikes, and windmills to drain the water Poler
1/4 of this country's land is polder netherlands
What area is known as the "Cradle of Civilization"? ferile crescent
Capital of Iraq Baghdad
Captal of Russia Moscw
Capital of Spain Madrid
A narrow strip of land that connects two landmasses (blank)
Name the 7 continents North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrlia
Name the 4 oceans Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian
The Pri Meridian runs through the ____ in Greenwich England Royal Observatory
a triangular-shaped landform where a river fans out into smalle streams before it reaches the ocean delta
What is the difference between weather an climate? weather involves he changs that take plac in th lower part of the earths atmosphere in a short period of time. Climate involves certain patterns of weather which occur over a long perioof tme in a particuar region
The side of a mountain tat receivesthe precipitaion is called (blank)
The side of the mountain that remains relatively dry is called? the Leeward side
the single mos important factor in culture religion
this form of government means 'ruled by God' Theocracy
The USA has this form of Governmet meaning "ruled by the people" Democracy
the earth's largest and highest mountain range Himalayas
Lowest point on land Dead Sea
the modern state of Isrel was created in what year? 1948
What does PLOstand for? Palisinian Liberation Organazation
What is the name of the nomadic arabs in the Middle East that make their home in the desert and migrate with their sheep an goats? Bedouins
The world's largest lake Caspian sea
This country has more live stock than any other in the world india
the only country in Asia where Catolicism is the majority religion hilippines
Europe's longest river Volga
This city in Italy is known for its canals Venice
know where places are on the maps. (blank)
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