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Coping Skills/MHS

Coping Skills Class Terms

Optimist A person who sees the positive side of a situation.
Pessimist A person who sees the negative side of situations.
Introvert A person who may be shy or likes to keep to themselves. (Think "IN")
Extrovert A person who is outgoing, easily speaks to new people, likes to be around people and socialize.
Resilience The ability to bounce back from a situation.
Empathy Feeling what someone else might feel in a situation; like walking in their shoes.
Body Language Facial Expressions, posture and gestures that communicate meaning
Nonverbal communication Communicating with out words; includes body language and voice tone.
Active Listening Being involved in listening process, uses the whole body, not just ears.
Posture The way a person holds themselves- standing or sitting.
Gestures Hand, arm or other body movement that sends a message.
Auditory related to hearing
Persona Different sides of one's personality that may be used for different situations
Motivation What makes you act the way you do
Procrastinate Putting off actions often resulting in doing things at the last minute
Self esteem The value you have for yourself.
Instigate Cause something to happen-"Open the gate"
Rephrase Put something in your own words, sum it up.
Reflect (the feeling) State how the other person may feel in a situation.
Repeat Say the information back to the person, like a parrot.
Personality feelings, thoughts and actions that makes a person unique (one of a kind)
Created by: Judith_Johnson