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RES 260 Neonatal 3

RES 260 Care of the Neonatal and Pediatric Patient (cont.)

Which of the following factors would cause PtCO2 to measure lower than actual arterial PO2? shock.severe acidosis,skin edema,severe anemia
Drug transfer across the placenta is affected by which of the following? Concentration difference,Lipid solubility of the drug,Degree of ionization,Molecular drug weight
Which arterial blood access method has necrotizing enterocolitis as a possible complication? Umbilical artery catheter
The greatest hazard associated with transcutaneous monitors is thermal injury
Which of the following are skin care recommendations for premature neonates? Use pectin-based adhesives between the skin and tape,Use Coban wraps to hold TCMs on the skin
The greatest effect on the end-tidal CO2 monitor is exerted by deadspace ventilation
Which of the following statements is true regarding assessment of oxygenation and ventilation of a newborn infant? If right-to-left shunting is present through a patient ductus arteriosus, blood obtained from a umbilical artery catheter (UAC) will have a lower PaO2 than blood obtained from a right radial artery.
Keeping an incubator away from air conditioning ducts will reduce heat loss due to radiant.
An early sign of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is guaiac-positive stools
Which of the following statements is false regarding fluid balance in newborns? There is a proportionately greater increase in extracellular fluid (ECF) as gestation increases compared to intracellular fluid (ICF).
Wrapping a baby in a blanket and placing a cap on his or her head will reduce heat loss by radiation.
A neonate appears clinically with jitters, irritability, apnea, and seizures. The probable cause is Hypocalcemia
Which of the following newborn conditions would warrant chest compressions following a period of positive-pressure ventilation with 100% oxygen? Heart rate of 58 beats per minute,Heart rate of 70 beats per minute and not increasing
Capillary blood gas samples are not for determining PaO2.
Which of the following best describes PaO2? the pressure of oxygen dissolved in plasma
Which of the following are involved in nonshivering thermogenesis? Norepinephrine, Lipase,Nonesterified fatty acids
Premature newborns have a decreased ability to maintain body heat. Which of the following are reasons for that decreased ability? Large body surface area.Thin skin layer.Reduced ability to intake calories.
An important part of environmental control is quiet times
Excessive intake of sodium in the postnatal period would lead to delayed contraction of the ECF
Teratogenic drugs generally have their greatest effect during the first trimester
Which of the following would indicate a fluid deficit in a neonate? Decreased skin turgor, Sunken anterior fontanelle,Increase in suture overlap
preemie is on a warming mattress in a incubator lined with aluminum foil. The environmental temp is at 33C. Flow to the resuscitation bag is turned on inside the incubator with the flow of gas passing over the infant head.risk of losing heat Convective
Drying of the newborn reduces heat loss by which mechanism? Evaporation
Which of the following may cause abnormalities of fluid and electrolyte balance in neonates? Maternal IV therapy.Asphyxia,Cold stress,Endocrine disorders
Of the following, which is not a type of biochemical reaction of drug metabolism in the liver? Excretion
Of the following antibiotics, which is considered to be bacteriostatic? Tetracycline
The initial response of a neonate to cold stress is peripheral vasoconstriction
Radiant heat loss following delivery can be minimized by which of the following? wrapping patient in a warm blanket, placing a cap on the patient's head
A baby who is being overstimulated may show which of the following signs? hiccoughs
The percentage of ICF that comprises TBW passes and exceeds the percentage of ECF at what approximate age? 3 months
Sodium and water balance are primarily affected by urine losses
A patient with a diminished clotting mechanism would possibly have an imbalance in which electrolyte? calcium
A lipid-soluble drug has which of the following characteristics? readily cross cell membranes,concentration is higher in tissues than in plasma
Acute bronchospasm would best be treated with which of the following drugs? albuterol
Which of the following best describe the effects of glucocorticoids? stabilize cell membranes,inhibit macrophage accumulation,promote gluconeogenesis
Which of the following would be the drug of choice in sedating a neonate following surgery? morphine sulfate
Restlessness, irritability, tremors, high-pitched cry, and vomiting are all signs of neonatal drug withdrawal
Of the following, which would not be an indication for obtaining a blood gas sample? significant blood loss
Which of the following are common sites used to obtain arterial blood in neonates? umbilical artery,radial artery,capillary
In the presence of right-to-left shunting of blood through the ductus arteriosus, arterial blood from the UAC would show: a low arterial PO2
Reliable values obtained from capillary samples require which of the following? consistency in the technique
Which of the following defines alveolar ventilation? minute ventilation minus deadspace ventilation
At a pH of 7.40, which of the following represents the correct balance of bicarbonate to dissolved carbon dioxide? 20:1
A major disadvantage of a mainstream end-tidal CO2 monitor is: accidental extubation
Assign an Apgar score to the following Caucasian infant: 2150 grams, blue dusky color all over, flaccid, HR 90, weak gasping breaths, and a weak grimace when orally suctioned. 3
Neonatal apnea is treated by which of the following? caffeine
Which of the following drugs would be most appropriate to treat congestive heart failure? digoxin
Which of the following drugs would be most appropriate to treat SVT? adenosine
All sympathomimetic drugs share the same indication for use, that is, the prevention and treatment of reversible bronchospasm. They also share common adverse reactions. Which of the following is NOT an adverse reaction relating to sympathomimetics? hypotension
The drug that inhibits mast cell degranulation is cromolyn sodium
Created by: Cam1228
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