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Psych 160: Nov 1st

Intelligence and All That Jazz

What were Galton's four main accomplishments? He noticed that "genius" tended to run in families. Was the first to notice that differences across intelligence were normally distributed. First to attempt to develop a reliable test on the heredity of cognitive ability Pioneered "Hereditary Gen
What was Binet's main accomplishment? Developed what would later become the Stanford-Binet IQ test as a way through which to assess the intelligence of french school kids.
What were the seven different categories of Waschers Adult Intelligence Scale? Vocabulary Simulates Information Comprehension Picture Completion Block Design Matrix Reasoning
What was Spearman's Belief about Intelligence ? Believed that Iq tests are mainly measuring one general ability that he named G.
Describe the concept of "Positive Manifold".
What were Thurston's Multiple Abilities (7)? 1. Verbal Comprehension 2. Word Fluency 3. Numerical Facility 4. Spatial Visualization 5. Associative Memory 6. Perceptual Speed 7. Reasoning
What were the two aspects John L. Horn's Intelligence Theory? Fluid Intelligence and Crystallized Intelligence
What is Fluid Intelligence? On the spot reasoning and novel problem - solving ability. ex street smarts.
What is Crystallized Intelligence? Performance guided by over learned skills or knowledge, such as vocabulary.
How strong is the correlation between personality and intelligence? Very low, personality and ability appear to be independent.
What is the predictive validity of Intelligence for Academic Performance? The higher your IQ, the Better Grades you get. However Correlation drops over the years.
What is the correlation between intelligence and Job performance? The higher your IQ, the higher the complexity of the jobs that you complete.
What is the correlation between intelligence and Longevity? The higher your IQ the greater your survival rate.
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