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Geog. 6th Egypt

Geography - Egypt

Where do most people in Egypt live? Along the Nile River or on its delta.
Today, what does a majority of Egyptians do for work (29%)? Agriculture...farming!
Today, what religion do a majority of Egyptians practice? Most are Muslims who follow the religion of Islam.
What is the largest city in Africa? Cairo, the captial of Egypt.
Do more Egyptians live in rural areas or cities? Rural areas.
What is the name of the largest dam in Egypt? Aswan High Dam.
What is the purpose of the Aswan High Dam? It stores water for months and the water is released several times during the year allowing farmers to harvest 2-3 crops each year.
What is the name of the desert found in Egypt (it is approximately the size of the U.S.). the Sahara
On what crop are many of Egypt's exports based? Cotton. Yarn and clothing can be made from cotton which are also major exports from Egypt.
Why is the Suez Canal one of the world's most important waterways? Ships use the canal to pass from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. This way they do not have to travel all the way around Africa.
When did Egypt become fully independent? In 1952 when a group of army officers overthrew the British supported king.
Who is Gamal Abdel Nasser, and what did he do for Egypt? An army leader that became Egypt's first president. He made Egypt one of the most powerful countries in the Muslim world.
What language is spoken by most of Egypt's people? Arabic.
Created by: shanebarnes1978