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The Letter F

The ironic name of victim whom Montressor buries alive in Poe's "The Cast of Amontillado" Fortunato
French phrase for a woman who lures her lovers to disaster Femme fatale
Legendary ghost ship doomed to sail eternally Flying Dutchman
Jewish U.S. Supreme Court Justice who served from 1939-1962 Felix Frankfurter
Alaska's second largest city, nicknamed the "Golden Heart of the North." Fairbanks
Inventor of the *Clermont* the first commercially successfully steamboat Robert Fulton
Stalklike part of a stamen that supports the anther in flowers Filament
Inventor of the first practical mercury thermometer Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit
Author of *The Hamlet,* *The Mansion,* *The Reivers* William Faulkner
Scientist who demonstrated the rotation of the Earth with his pendulum Jean Bernard Foucault
Country with Paris as its capital France
The capital of Kentucky Frankfort
He revolutionalized both the automobile and assemblyline production Henry Ford
A small triangular plane surface of a diamond or othe gem facet
A young deer Fawn
A word used to describe something that is easily broken Fragile
In music, this term means loud forte
A living organism that may look like a plant but lacks chlorophyll fungus or fungi
This distance is equal to one-eighth of a mile furlong
This historical unit of measurement was equal to the distance of one's outstretched arms. fathom
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