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Vocabulary Workshop

Book A Unit 7

vocabulary wordmeaning
authorize 1 to approve or permit
authorize 2 to give power or authority to
culprit 1 a person who has committed a crime or is guilty of some misconduct
dawdle 1 to waste time
dissect 1 to cut apart for scientific study
expend 1 to pay out, spend
fatality 1 an event resulting in death
gullible easily fooled, tricked, or cheated
illicit not permitted, unlawful, impropper
immerse 1 to plunge or dip into a fluid
culprit 2 an offender
dawdle 2 to spend more time in doing something than is necessary
dawdle 3 to be idle
dissect 2 to analyze with great care
expend 2 to use up
fatality 2 an accidental death
immerse 2 to involve deeply
inflammatory 1 causing excitement or anger
inflammatory 2 leading to violence or disorder
memorandum 1 a note to aid one's memory
memorandum 2 an informal note or report
pathetic 1 marked by strong emotion, especially pity and sorrow
pathetic 2 able to move people emotionally
pathetic 3 worthy of pity
pathetic 4 woefully inadequate
persevere 1 to keep doing something in spite of difficulties
persevere 2 to refuse to quit even when the going is tough
prevaricate 1 to lie, tell an untruth
prevaricate 2 to mislead on purpose
quash to crush, put down completely
relish 1 enjoyment or satisfaction
relish 2 something that adds a pleasing flavor
relish 3 to enjoy greatly
reminisce to recall one's past thoughts, feelings, or experiences
scour 1 to clean or polish by hard rubbing
scour 2 to examine with great care
scour 3 to move about quickly in search of
tribute 1 something done or given to show thanks or respect
tribute 2 a payment
writhe to make twisting or turning movements in a way that suggests pain or struggle
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