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GT Lecture Six

Coping with Chronic Illness

If stress is chronic it can be damaging to _________? health
Stress is often conceptualized as "major life events" and put into rank order of....? 1. Death or spouse, 2. Divorce, 3. Marital separation, 4. Jail term, 5. Death of a relative
Read over the Acute Stress Disorder criteria :)
The Transactional Model of Stress suggests that stress is an ongoing process of transaction between the ____ and their ____. And that individuals make appraisals of the ________ (p____ appraisal) and how able they are to cope (s______appraisal) individual, environment, primary, secondary
So what are the two appraisals within the Transactional model? Primary and Secondary and now look over them and write them out :)
What are the thee main ways of coping effort? Problem-focused, Emotion-focused and Meaning-focused
What is Problem-focused? usually active and approach in nature
What is Emotion-focused? often passive and avoidant in nature
What is Meaning-focused? also passive butt approach --> growth ????
Active Problem -focused efforts are said to be best when....? personal control is high
Look up research paper for Park et al (2001) and write out method, results etc. :)
Fatigue and Depression in RA: __% of patients experience fatigue and they describe it as overwhelming, uncontrollable and ignored by clinic. 90% suffer from fatigue
Investigate the Arthritis Self-management programme and what effects it had on patients after on year? Had no change on pain and disability but they were doing more exercise and relaxation, had decreased fatigue and were less depressed :)
What about individualized CBT as a way of coping? What does this involve? Relaxation and attention diversion, goal setting and pacing, problem-solving and cognitive restructuring, assertiveness and communication
What were the outcomes of individualized CBT? improved physical functioning and were less depressed after 6 months, had stable anxiety levels. And after 5 years - less(i think) in patient nights, physiotherapy referrals and injections and fewer healthcare resources needed.
And what were the outcomes for those that had the standard care? Depressed mood and anxiety increased. :(
Read over "Medication or Therapy?" :)
What do CB therapists do? And the look over it again Help people become aware of their potentially problematic responses to situations in terms of thought, behaviours and emotions
Write out CBT for chronic illnesses :)
Read over the conclusions about therapy :)
Created by: alicemcc33