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RL: Lecture Five

Depression and Suicide

In regards to variance of expressions made aout suicide, there is a variation in i___________, f_____________ and l____________? intensity, frequency, lethality
Is suicide more common in males or females? Males
Between 80s and early 90s the roll tol dropped but the suicide rate stayed ....? constant
There is an increase in risk of suicide from the _____________ to __________ in particular with what gender? early teens to early 20s, males
As males age, after their 20s there is a dip but then after age _____ it increases again, but you dont see this in females 60
______________ countries have low rates of suicide while Maori have high rates middle eastern
What are the two most common mental disorders among those that do suicide? Depression and substance abuse
Education is an indirect or direct predictor for suicide? indirect
What are the three valid predictors? Depression, past attempts and intention
What are the two invalid predictors? Clinical judgement and self-report (sometimes)
Did they find it helpful looking at suicide notes to figure out what people are thinking before they commit suicide? No, there was nothing unique or telling from them
Nock et al (2010) used an IAT (implicit association test) and found that at follow up the 43 that had attempted suicide in the past week had.....? implicitly thought death in the IAT task. So IAT improved predicton
The Diathesis Stress Model has 4 observations for why people engage in suicidal behavior. What are they? 1. report higher rates of negative stressful life events 2. Exhibit greater cognitive rigidity 3. Have difficulty engaging in divergent thinking 4. Report more hopelessness
One study looked at suicide ideation and found that individuals with high suicide ideation were.......? but showed no difference for _____________ and ______________? were more depressed, had more hopelessness and negative stressors. flexibility and problem solving
What did they find when they combined problem solving and stress? You are more at risk than just problem solving or stress by themselves.
What did they find out about hopelessness and problem solving by itself? That hopeless is a good predictor/is important when intent is already high and that problem solving in isolation is not related to ideation
A study looked at the learning of problem solving skills as a possible treatment for those with suicide intention. What did they find? That only those with normal treatment made attempts after 1 month and those who did problem solving treatment had reduced problem severity, suicide ideation and hopelessness. But this was short term-after 18 months both groups had same number of attempts.
So problem solving skills provide a __________________ benefit? short-term
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