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QM Registry Ch. 15

Quality Assurance in Nuclear Medicine

American College of Radiology offers accreditation of NM depts and mandates that certain QA procedures be performed
bioassay laboratory determination of concentration of drug or other substance in specimen
center of rotation fulcrum, or pivot point, of tomographic equipment motion
chemical impurity presence of chemical or other substance that normally should not be present
chi-square test statistic test for association between observed data and expected data represented by frequencies
chromatography any one of several processes for separating and analyzing various gaseous or dissolved chemical materials
count rate measurement of activity of radioactive substance
disintegrations per minute measure of rate of ionizing emissions by radioactive substances
dose calibrator component in NM equipment for determining amount of radionuclide
energy resolution amount of variation in pulse size or spreading of spectrum produced by detector
field uniformity refers to even distribution of magnetic field strength in region of interest
gamma camera device used for image acquisition in many NM procedures
gas-filled detector category of radiation detector consisting of gas-filled chamber
Geiger-Muller meters survey meter used mainly for radiation protector purposes as survey instrument and area monitor
hydrolyzed reduced technetium type of technetium-99m used in radionuclide imaging
molybdenum-99 parent element of technetium-99m
multichannel analyzer specialized scintillation detector that can select specific energy levels for detection
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Federal agency that enforces radiation safety guidelines
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Federal agency that oversees workplace environment
photomultiplier tube device used in many radiation detector applications that converts low levels of light into electronic pulses
photon smallest quantity of electromagnetic energy
photopeak peak amplitude on oscilloscope display
pixel size size of picture element found in matrix of computer-generated image; the smaller the pixel size, the greater the spatial resolution
positron emission tomography imaging technique whereby positron-emitting radionuclide is administered to pt, and result is release of photons by an annihilation reaction
pulse height analyzer device that accepts or rejects electronic pulses according to their amplitude or energy
radionuclide impurity presence of other substance(s) in radiopharmaceutical for NM procedures
scintillation crystal sodium iodide crystal used in scintillation detectors
scintillation detectors radiation detector consisting of sodium iodide crystal coupled to photomultiplier tube
single-photon emission CT NM procedure that creates cross-sectional images
spatial linearity ability of gamma camera system to make linear image with straight lines corresponding to same straight lines of bar pattern OR amt of geometric distortion in image as affected by homogeneity of main magnetic field & linearity of magnetic field gradients
spectrum display of electromagnetic energy on basis of wavelength and frequency
standardized uptake value measure of FDG uptake, contrast and scatter/attenuation
technetium-99m isotope of technetium whose primary gamma ray has energy of 140 kiloelectron volts
technetium-99m pertechnetate radionuclide used in NM procedures that consists of technetium-99m
The Joint Commission private agency (formerly known as JCAHO) responsible for accreditation of healthcare system
thermoluminescent dosimeter type of radiation detector with crystals such as lithium fluoride that release light when heated that is proportional to amount of incident radiation
uniformity correction flood QC procedure for NM equipment
sensitivity QC procedure performed to determine gamma camera detector's ability to detect ionizing events that occur in NaI(T1) crystal
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