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Foodservice Ch 9

management process of integrating resources for accomplishment of objectives
organization group of people working together in a structured and coordinated way to achieve goals
authority delegation from top to lower levels of management and the right of managers to direct others and take action because of their position
accountability a state of being responsible to one's self, to some organization, or even to the public
efficiency doing things right
effectiveness doing the right things
planning management functions of determining in advance what should happen
procedure chronological sequence of activities
policy general guide to organized behavior developed by top-level management
method details for one step in a process
rules specification of action, stating what must or must not be done
organizing management function of grouping activities, delegating authority, and coordinating relationships, horizontally and vertically
staffing management function of determining the appropriate number of employees needed by the organization for the work that must be accomplished
directing management function of directing human resources for the accomplishment of objectives
controlling management function of ensuring that plans are being followed
participative management involving employees in the decision-making process
corporate culture (organizational culture) shared philosophies, values, assumptions, beliefs, expectations, attitudes, and norms that knit an organization together
chain of command clear and distinct lines of authority within an organization- who reports to whom
responsibility obligation to perform an assigned activity or see that someone else performs it
delegation process of assigning job activities and authority to a specific employee within the organization
span of management (span of control) number of employees that can be effectively supervised by one manager
formal authority authority that exists because of position in the organization
acceptance authority authority based on the employee's acceptance of that authority
authority of competence authority based on a manager's competence or expertise
departmentalization process of grouping jobs according to some logical arrangement
line position a position in the direct chain of command
staff position position intended to provide expertise, advice, and support for line positions
coordination process of linking activities of various departments in the organization
social responsibility an organization's responsibility to society that extends beyond its profit generation
globalization interaction among people and organizations of different nations
tariffs government taxes on products shipped internationally
subsidy government payments to domestic producers to make their product more competitive in the market
quota a specified amount that can be produced
politics art or science of influencing others or holding control
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