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CM Unit 3

When considering a student for admission, most colleges look at all of the following EXCEPT: How many of the faculty a student knows
For a student entering the medical field, which career-technical course would be most helpful in high school? Allied Health Sciences
Which type of program would a community college provide? College transfer
A four-year career plan developed for use in high school should reflect: Courses to support the student's chosen career goal.
A student who wishes to work with computers should pursue which NCDPI career pathway? Business Technologies
After a student decides to pursue postsecondary education, the next step is to: Submit an official application
A student who wishes to enroll in a dual enrollment course will be required to take which test? ASSET/ACCUPLACER
Which high school subjects and occupations are most closely related? Foreign language and travel agent
In North Carolina, a primary source for financial aid information is: College Foundation of North Carolina
A good source for scholarship information is: Counseling offices
Which type of financial aid must be paid back? Loan
If a student plans to run a horticultural supply store, high school courses in which subject would be most helpful? Entrepreneurship
An effective individual career planning program for high school includes Choosing appropriate courses
Every postsecondary educational institution requires An application for admission
When taking notes, a student should Write notes in his or her own words
A paid or unpaid, practical, work experience through which a student or graduate gains practical experience under supervision is Internship
A postsecondary school where a student might receive a bachelor's degree in a specific discipline is a College or university
Education and training provided by an employer that usually takes place at a work site is known as On-the-job training
Which is TRUE of community colleges? They have an open door policy
A person who is seeking an Associate degree will most likely choose to attend: A community college
In multiple choice testing Read the questions and then all of the answer choices
When taking notes, a student should Organize notes by chapter or date
When finishing the test before time is called Make sure all questions are answered
The skill that is basic to all studying is Reading
A formal program of on-the-job training and related instruction by which a worker learns an occupation under the direction of a journey worker is: An apprenticeship
Training at this type of school is for a specific job or trade. Proprietary school
Skills useful in the workplace are often developed Through volunteer activities
Volunteer experiences may help a student Confirm career choices
Which statement is TRUE of military training? Training is provided on-the-job and through specialized schools.
Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees are awarded by: Colleges and universities
Which is an example of a Career-Technical Student Organization (CTSO)? DECA
Which is a state-wide graduation requirement for North Carolina high school students? Three credits in science
Career pathways allow a student to: Choose a sequence of courses for their career interest.
Making career decisions while in high school gives a student time to: Select appropriate courses
Which is an example of a poor study skill/habit? Completing easiest assignments first
Created by: EddieS
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