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RL Lecture One

Disorder as Learning of Aberrant Behaviour

Name the four stages of Master's and Johnsons normal sexual functioning model Arousal/excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution
Name the three stages of Kaplan's normal sexual function model Desire, Excitement and Orgasm
Why did Kaplan not include Plateau or Resolution in her model? Because she thought that you cannot separate excitement and plateau because they are very closely related and occur in the same fashion. And she thought the resolution was not needed because the orgasm marked the pinnacle of the cycle
Whose model became the bases for sexual functioning in the structure of DSM-II and DSM-IV for the two main disorders - sexual inability and 'weird; sexual disorder? Kaplans three stage model
Read over the limitations for both models and write them out .... :)
Read and write out the different disorders of sexual response cycle... .... :)
Paraphilias is a ____________ disorder sexual
Exhibitionist paraphilia disorder is...? exposing genitals to unsuspecting strangers
Fetishism paraphilias disorder involves the use of...? non-living objects
Frotteurism paraphilia disorder involves...? touching, rubbing against non consenting strangers
Paedophilia paraphilia disorder involves being a pedophile towards...? children, having sexual feelings towards children
Does sexual masochism involve being made to suffer of causing suffering else to derive sexual pleasure? being made to suffer
Sexual sadism therefore involves...? causing psychological or physical suffering for sexual pleasure
What is the difference between transvestive fetishism and fetishism? TF is when the garments are arousing primarily as symbols of the individuals femininity while fetishism is arousal with specific objective properties
What us voyeurism? Observing unsuspecting people naked or engaged in sexual intercourse.
The onset for fetishism is typically when? In childhood or adolescence
Is Fetishism chronic and life-long or not? It is but it involves a fluctuating frequency of acts, intensity of urges
The presenting problem is often not the ________? fetish
What defining feature of fetishism is __________________. If there is none of this then the disorder does not come to our intention. dysfunction
Read and write out the reasons why there is such a huge difference between males and females .... :)
There are two types of behavioural explanations/causes for fetishsms such as foot fetishisms. What are they? Classical conditioning and operant conditioning
Go back and understand classical conditioning better! (US, CS, UR, CR etc) .... :)
At what point of the sexual response cycle does the paring with the fetish object have to occur for it to create the fetishism? The plateau
What stage is it not likely to pair? The refractory stage
There is one main Classical Conditioning therapy to eliminate the fetish. What is it called? Aversion therapy
Aversion therapy isa form of psychological treatment in which the patient is exposed t a stimulus while also being subject to..... some form of discomfort
The two forms of discomfort/aversive stimuli used on patients in aversion therapy are? Aversive overt unconditioned stimuli and covert sensitization
Example of aversive overt unconditioned stimuli are....? Electric shock, emetic (causes vomiting), noxious odors
What does covert sensitization involve? Imagining the target behavior followed by imagining an aversive consequence
What one is where you get people to imagine negative things? Covert sensatization
What are the four limitations of classical conditioning? Read and write them out Elimination of problem association is no sufficient, Poor or lack of generalization, Significant individual differences, Non-uniform distribution of fetish objects
Look over chart again to try understand it more (pos. reinforcement etc) .... :)
When the patient masturbates for 90 minutes after orgasm while still thinking about the fetish object, this is no longer a ______________ reinforcement and is operant or classical conditioning? positive, operant
What is the name of another procedure where they verbalize fantasies while withholding from masturbation? Verbal satiation
What is the name of another procedure where switch fantasy content following arousal? orgasmic reconditioning
Created by: alicemcc33