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Ch. 6 Review-Mambula

Ch. 6 Review--Management Fundamentals <Lussier 5th ed.>

IDENTIFY THE SOURCES OF FORCES FOR CHANGE The forces for change comes from the organization's internal and external environments.
LIST THE FOUR TYPES OF CHANGE The four types of change are changes in strategy, in structure, in technology, and in people.
LIST THE REASONS EMPLOYEES RESIST CHANGE Employees resist change because of fear of the unknown, learning anxiety, self-interest, and fear of economic loss or loss of power, status, security, or control.
SUGGEST WAYS OF OVERCOMING EMPLOYEES RESISTANCE TO CHANGE Establishing a positive trust climate; planning; clearly explaining the need for the change; pointing out how employees will benefit; involving employees; providing support and evaluation.
STATE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FACT, A BELIEF, AND A VALUE Fact is a provable statement. A belief is an opinion that can't be proven. A value is what people believe is worth pursuing or doing; values help establish priorities.
EXPLAIN INTRAPRENEURSHIP Intrapreneurship is the development of new ventures that might become separate business units.
WHAT ARE THE THREE ROLES OF INTRAPRENEURSHIP The inventor comes up with the creative ideas. The champion is responsible for the transformation of the idea into an innovation. The sponsor provides the resources and structure for the innovation.
DISCUSS THE RELATIONSHIP AMONG DIVERSITY, INNOVATION, AND QUALITY Diversity has a direct effect on innovation and quality. Before an organization can improve quality through innovation, it must address diversity.
EXPLAIN TEAM BUILDING Team building broader in scope than consultation. Team building is OD intervention to improve both work being done and team dynamics.
EXPLAIN PROCESS CONSULTATION Process consultation improves team dynamics.
FORCEFUL ANALYSIS Used by a small group to diagnose and solve a specific problem. Used to solve a problem identified through survey feedback.
SURVEY FEEDBACK Uses a questionnaire filled out by a large group to identify problems; the group does not work together to solve the problem.
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