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QM Registry Ch. 11

Mammographic Quality Standards

adverse event harmful or unintended incident that may occur during any diagnostic procedure
annotations and measurements software manipulation allowing electronic annotation on image and electronic measurement tools for calculating sizes and volumes
beryllium window portion of mammographic x-ray tube where useful beam exits
compression applying pressure to body area to reduce part thickness
consumer individual who chooses to comment or complain in reference to an exam including pt or representative of pt (e.g., family member or referring doc)
emission spectrum graphic demonstration of component energies of emitted electromagnetic radiation
extended processing method of film processing that extends normal developer time to increase image contrast
gray scale processing manipulation of gray scale values that are displayed in image; inc's windowing (window width), which controls windowing (WW), which controls image brightness
image inversion allows converting of negative image (standard radiographic image) into positive image (meaning reverse of negative image where white areas on negative image are black on positive image and vice versa)
magnification electronic digital zoom with software manipulation that can reduce need to take additional magnification views, as with f/s mammography
Mammography Quality Standards Act Federal legislation mandating quality standards for all mammographic procedures
serious adverse event event that may significantly compromise clinical outcomes or adverse event for which a facility fails to take appropriate corrective action in timely manner
serious complaint report of serious adverse event
target composition refers to elemental composition of x-ray tube anode
tissue equalization image processing that compensates for varying breast tissue densities so that entire breast can be visualized in single image
workflow number of pts imaged per hour
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