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In ancient China, Taoism promoted? a.oral sex b.sensual touching c.infrequent ejaculation d.ALL OF THE ABOVE
Which of the following is NOT currently available in cyberspace? a.the ability to control another's sex toys via the internet b.the ability for parental control over what children see c.sexual interaction in real time d.ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE AVAILABLE
True/False In China, the rates of divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, and extramarital sex are all increasing. TRUE
A science writer hears of a 35 year old male who lost his penis at circumcision. He interviews all family members, reads medical records, and writes a book about this. This is MOST likely an example of which of the following? a.THE CASE STUDY b.the survey method c.direct observation d.follow-up to an experimental intervention c.direct
Kinsey's studies on American sexuality were pioneering but limited, because his sample included? a.A DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER OF BETTER EDUCATED PERSONS b.non - volunteers c.large numbers of rural dwellers d.mostly older adults
True/False Masters and Johnson's final research population consisted only of male and female prostitutes. FALSE
Ethical guidelines for doing sex research with humans require that a.no pressure or coercion be applied b.participants have the right of refusal c.informed consent be obtained d.ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE TRUE
The vulva includes all of the following EXCEPT? a.VAGINA b.clitoris c.urethral opening d.uvula e.mons veneris
Which of the following does NOT increase a woman's chance of getting a vaginal infection? a.THE USE OF VAGINAL LUBRICANTS DURING INTERCOURSE b.douching c.diabetes d.stress
True/False It is widely accepted that PMS is a myth FALSE
Name three positive changes men report after practicing kegel exercises. better ejaculation control stronger orgasms increased sensation when turned on
True/False The seminiferous tubules is what is severed when a vasectomy is performed. FALSE
Define Cryptorchidism check book
What is DHT (dihydrotestosterone)? Why is it important? book
True/False Androgens ONLY functions are to influence sexual motivation for both sexes. FALSE
Define Hypogonadism book
True/False Serotonin, is a neurotransmitter that facilitates sexual arousal and activity FALSE
Describe THREE COMMON SIGNS of testosterone deficiency in both sexes. book
Primary erogenous zones are areas of the body that contain a dense concentration of nerve endings, name four a.neck b.clitoris c.lips d.tongue
What is an Anaphrodisiac? Name three A Anaphrodisiac is believed to decrease sexual desire such as; birth control, nicotine, and drugs
What is conscience clause? when a woman is trying to get contraceptives and a pharmacist denies it to her because of her personal believes or religion. She has the right to deny it but has to appoint her to someone who will give them to her.
Describe the impact that the internet, cell phones, iPods, and animated graphics, etc. have had on dating. Bottom of page 23 until page 24