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EMS Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The entire range of frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic waves is called the _____. A) electromagnetic spectrum B) infrared range C) visible light spectrum D) radio wave band A
Which describes the relationship between frequency, wavelength, and energy on the EMS? A)The higher the frequency, the longer the wavelength and the higher the energy. B)The longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency and the lower in energy. C)The sho B
Which statement is accurate? B)All waves of the EMS are visible.C)IR and UV radiations have wavelengths that are the same length.D)Only a small portion of the EMS is visible to humans. D
Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength? A) ultraviolet B) red light C) green light D) infrared A
The electromagnetic waves that can be seen with the eye are called _____. A) radio waves B) ultraviolet waves C) infrared waves D) visible light D
Which lists the colors of the visible spectrum in order from lowest to highest frequency? A)red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet B)yellow, orange, red, blue, green, violet C)violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red D)red, blue, violet, green, orange, A
. If red is the color on the top of the visible spectrum being emitted from the prism, what is the color on the bottom? A) blue B) green C) violet D) yellow C
The human eye can see only a very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The wavelengths of visible light _______. B)are longer than infrared C)contain the visible color spectrum D)are the only wavelengths emitted by the Sun C
The frequency of violet light is _____ that of yellow light. A) higher than B) lower than C) the same as D) faster than A
Which of the following color groups shows increasing wavelength? A) green, blue, red B) blue, yellow, violet C) yellow, orange, red D) orange, yellow, green C
The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that has longer wavelengths than visible light and transmits heat (thermal) energy is ______. A) ultraviolet rays B) visible light C) white light D) infrared waves D
What happens when objects absorb infrared radiation? A) They become warmer. B) They reflect visible light. C) They damage cells of the body. D) They become ultraviolet radiation. A
_____ energy is transmitted by infrared radiation. A) Electrical B) Heat C) Magnetic D) Sound B
Which wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum are shorter than visible light and carry more energy? A) violet B) ultraviolet C) red D) infrared B
As the freq of the radiation increases so does the energy. Which of the forms of electromagnetic radiation listed below has the highest frequency and therefore the most energy? A) infrared waves B) red waves C) ultraviolet waves D) violet waves C
Electromagnetic energy invisible to the human eye is _____. A) ultraviolet light B) yellow light C) blue light D) red light A
If you notice the order of the colors in a rainbow for scientific study, you are _____. A) testing a hypothesis B) drawing a valid conclusion C) making a qualitative observation D) stating an inference C
The value of having a control set-up for some experiments is in providing _____. A) an observation B) an extra experiment C) another hypothesis D) a comparison D
What is the importance of recording the data in organized charts,tables,or graphs? A)They help with the accuracy of reporting observations B)They help when making careful measurements.C)They are only way to form a true conclusion.D)They are useful safety A
A prism can be used to study visible light. What is its function? B)It reflects each wavelength in a different direction.C)It reflects each wavelength in a different amount. D)It refracts each wavelength a different amount. D
A student wants to study the effect of blue light on plant growth. Which piece of equipment would she need for this experiment? A) A prism B) A blue color filter C) Color filters that are not blue D) A mirror B