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Italian Vocab Test 1

fidarsi di qualcuno to trust someone
in ritardo late
in orario on time
prenotare reserve a seat
prima/seconda classe first and second class
la multa fine
il supplemento supplementary charge
andata e ritorno roundtrip
il pendolino high speed train
l'Intercity train that only stops in large cities
il rapporto relationship
lo scarico (gli scarichi) waste
la tendenza tendency
garantire to guarentee
mettere in crisi to threaten or put in a critical postion
risanare to restore or improve
rivelarsi to prove to be
abitabile livable
attuale present-day or current
inarrestabile unstoppable
puzzolente stinking or smelly
appena barely or just
oltre more(greater) than, beyond
non poterne piu (Io non ne posso piu, Tu non ne puoi piu) to have had enough
sopportare/non sopportare to sustain, to support
deludere (p.p. deluso) to disappoint
stancare to wear down or exhaust
peccato che, che peccato! Too bad or what a shame
seccare to annoy or bore
il canale channel
la concorrenza competition
il programma di varieta variety show
la pubblicita advertising or publicity
il pubblico public or audience
lo spot pubblicitario commercial
il telefilm television series
il telegiornale newscast
la telenovela (le telenovelas) soap opera
la tivu TV
la trasmissione broadcast, program
trasmettere (p.p. trasmesso) to transmit, broadcast
nel frattempo in the meantime
fare un esame take an exam
superare un esame to pass an exam
consegnare la tesi to hand in one's thesis
discutere la tesi to defend one's thesis
il relatore thesis advisor
seguire un corso to take a course
il disagio hardship
la disciplina discipline, subject of study
la facolta department
le elementari elementary school
la scuola media middle school
il liceo (scientifico, classico, linguistico, artistico) high school
il diploma diploma
le tasse universitarie tuition
riuscire a to suceed
abbandonare to leave
apprezzare to appreciate
frequentare to attend
iscriversi a to register, enroll in
occuparsi di to be busy with
affollato crowded
vuoto empty
duro difficult
prendere la laurea get a degree
laurearsi in (lettere, ingegneria, matematica, economia e commercio,) to get a degree in, to graduate
l'aria condizionata air conditioning
le ferie vacation, holidays
il grande magazzino department store
i sandali sandals
il temporale thunderstorm
accogliere to welcome, accommodate
mancare to be lacking, missing
ospitare to accommodate
rientrare in to come back to town following a vacation or holiday
rinfrescare to cool down, refresh
rinunciare a to give up something
somigliare/assomigliare a to resemble, to look like
tuffarsi in to dive
afoso humid, muggy
bollente boiling
polveroso dusty
circa about, approximately
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